Lowell Future-Proofs Communications with Genesys

Genesys Cloud delivers innovative solution for Lowell

Lowell Future-Proofs Communications with Genesys

Leading European credit management company, Lowell, recently announced that it had upgraded its communication strategy with increased flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency after moving their DACH comms centre into the cloud platform offered by Genesys. Lowell adopted the new SaaS offering from Genesys after evaluating its rich capability set, scalability, and proven performance.

According to the head of communication at Lowell, Daniel Degen, the company believes that its customers are crucial to everything that they do. In order to support the individual needs of each customer, Lowell needed a way to support their client base that was second to none. Genesys cloud offers that level of exceptional freedom and flexibility.

Lowell used the Genesys Cloud solution to replace its existing on-premises legacy offering. Genesys is currently one of the leading providers in omni-channel customer experience and innovative contact centre options on the market. The new Genesys experience is set to be used by over 3300 agents to help power Lowell’s DACH strategy.

Enhancing Customer Service and Efficiency

As well as delivering better customer service, the new Genesys cloud platform also has the potential to make significant improvements to the efficiencies within Lowell’s customer experience strategy. According to Degen, the business case for moving to Genesys Cloud was based heavily on the cost savings that Lowell believed that it could achieve. The new offering allows agents to work more efficiently by focusing on the demands and individual needs of customers. What’s more, the flexibility of the cloud also means that Lowell can adopt more features in an agile way.

Degen noted that the previous legacy setup that the company had been using simply didn’t offer the capabilities that Lowell needed for successful working practices going forward. The legacy processes were time-consuming and not equipped for future scaling. Genesys Cloud met all of the needs that Lowell had when it came to future-proof their system.

Lowell migrated the first wave of agents in the DACH region to the cloud in less than two months and will be moving more into the cloud in the near future. Degen said that he was thrilled by how quickly agents could adopt the new service. Additionally, Lowell also appreciates the fact that the Genesys cloud platform could be easily configured, giving managers a clearer overview of relevant KPIs in the customer experience stack.

A Forward-Thinking Approach to CX

Lowell’s new customer experience strategy on the Genesys cloud will help the business to expand and accelerate at a fantastic rate. Additionally, another early benefit of adopting the system has been the ability to improve answer machine detection by 98%. Degen explained that typically, in his industry, a lot of outbound calls are diverted to answering machines, which isn’t a good thing. However, Genesys Cloud can help Lowell identify calls that aren’t answered by a human.

Lowell is already looking for ways to take advantage of new and disruptive technologies with its cloud solution, including artificial intelligence and additional touchpoint for customers. Degen said that in the future, the company wants to expand channels and reach their customers in a variety of new ways.


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