Mondago Takes Top Prize at Cloud Comms Summit Shark Tank

Moshe Beauford

Innovation is the name of the game - something made clear from Mondago's fresh win

Mondago Takes Top Prize at Cloud Comms Summit Shark Tank

I caught up with Lee Mansell, Head of Product Management, Mondago Ltd, who told me about the company’s recent attendance at Cavell Group’s Digital Cloud Comms Summit 2020. The organization, which produces CTI software and CRM Integrations, secured the ‘Most Investable’ honor at the event’s shark tank-style competition for innovations to this very technology for its software solution ‘Cloud Contacts.’

Several other companies pitched their product ideas set for future release too, set to this year’s running theme – remote work in the COVID-19 era. Mondago addressed a predicament many large businesses with CRMs face, i.e. employees within organizations typically have multiple distributed business applications. CRM apps for sales departments, helpdesk applications for support, finance systems, etc., for example, . This can lead to customer contacts being available in some systems but not others, or to data being inconsistently available across the

Lee Mansell

Lee Mansell


These individuals do not normally have access to a central repository of contacts where everyone within the business can access it, which is why Mansell told me – Mondago wanted to change this. The idea is simple – if a customer calls in need of support then the helpdesk agent can use Mondago’s product to add the caller’s details to the helpdesk desk application. With the click of a button, they can replicate these details into a shared contact system available to all users in the company. The next time a sales agent gets contacted by the same caller, they can copy the same details into the CRM system.

It is this kind of continuity and agility that enterprises seek in today’s fast-paced business environment, Mansell noted during our call, adding: “Companies have made large changes to the way they work as a result of the pandemic, but have already made investments into these business applications.” All this makes the level of information sharing Mondago enables, along with collaboration, and the added advantage to the software they already use, quite valuable. I’m told, the virtual event was a success for everyone involved, especially for Mondago.

Judges consisted of industry experts, which noted that Mondago addressed many of the hurdles facing businesses today. On an enterprise level, data are everywhere and should be tied together for the sake of ensuring everyone within an enterprise stays abreast of the latest developments and updates to key customer contacts – no matter which division department they reach. So what Mondago has done, in a sense, is somewhat of a gamechanger for those concerned about having the freshest consumer data.

Continuing the theme of connectivity, lots of folks have adopted Microsoft Teams and other collaboration platforms. They also still have a phone system. Mondago’s ways of connecting users’ phone systems and Teams lets them showcase presence, as well as message other Teams users. “Our Microsoft Teams integration enables a user to integrate Teams with their preferred telephony environment and can also provide Mondago’s CRM integration with both the MS Teams client or a traditional handset being used to handle the call. It is particularly effective when direct routing type solutions are in place between the telephone system and MS Teams.

All this is currently going through customer beta testing with a planned full release before the year’s end, according to Mansell. Mondago sees the bigger picture of UC, rather than developing a grouping of ‘neat’ features. The team over there is onto something, and that’s plain from its recent triumph at 2020’s Virtual Cloud Comms Summit.



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