Plan Your Contact Centre Transformation with RingCentral

Rebekah Carter

It's time to start your digital journey

Plan Your Contact Centre Transformation with RingCentral

Digital Transformation (DX) isn’t just a buzzword anymore; it’s something that all companies need to consider, whether you’re a huge corporation or a tiny startup. According to IDC, around 40% of technology spending was set to go towards digital transformations this year. Everywhere you look, companies are investing in machine learning, in-depth analytics, and virtual assistants.

Used correctly, digital transformation is more than just a way to get in on the cutting edge of today’s leading software and hardware. Your DX campaign can also give you an incredible way to connect with your audience on a deeper level too. For instance, just look at how the rise of AI and chatbots are changing the way that consumers expect to receive customer service.

Of all the places to invest in digital transformation, your contact centre could be the environment that yields the most impact. So, how do you get started?

Learning to Navigate DX with RingCentral

RingCentral, leaders in the world of communication, collaboration, and contact centre technology, are helping businesses from all backgrounds to engage in their own digital transformation journeys. With their upcoming webinar on Tuesday the 24th of September, the RingCentral team will be discussing how organisations are embracing the digital world in their contact centres, and what kind of factors they should include in their plans.

RingCentral’s latest webinar gives businesses a chance to discover how they can plot their path into the future and learn from companies that have already begun their own journey.

The Webinar will include a panel of experts from MyCustomer, including managing editor Neil Davey, as well as the senior director of product marketing at RingCentral, Sunny Dhami. With these professionals leading the way, listeners can discover why so many contact centres are now embarking on digital transformation journeys, and what it takes to implement a genuinely impactful change.

The webinar will also share plenty of insightful first-hand experiences to highlight the true outcomes of a valuable DX experience. For instance, you’ll learn all about Arco, a leading provider of safety equipment in the UK, and how they leveraged the benefits of digital transformation in their contact centre, as part of a £40m digital-first initiative.

Tune in and Learn

Neil Davey

Neil Davey

The demand for digital transformation is everywhere in this customer and experience-driven landscape. However, there’s more to true transformation than simply implementing the latest tools and technology into your workplace. If you really want to succeed in today’s marketplace, you’ll need a plan for how to master your new technology and deliver it in a way that drives adoption.

The RingCentral and MyCustomer webinar on the 24th of September, 3 pm BST (UK), will teach you why you need to invest in DX as quickly as possible, and what a transformation in the contact centre entails. You’ll also discover the key considerations that today’s businesses need to address before embarking on its digital transformation project, and how you can map out your journey.

Visit the sign-up page here to enrol in the webinar.


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