QED and EmpiricAI Join Forces to Improve Workplace Safety

Sandra Radlovački

Increased safety in workplace will lead to higher agent productivity

QED and EmpiricAI Join Forces to Improve Workplace Safety

EmpiricAI, an innovative provider of AI-powered advanced analytics solutions, has announced that it is partnering with electronic security distributor QED, to distribute its innovative Computer Vision AI solution to improve overall workplace health & safety.

The collaboration is a result of a growing need for the protection of people and places that provides peace of mind for employers and employees in a variety of workplaces.

Headquartered in Preston, Lancashire, QED now becomes one of the first to market with an advanced Computer Vision AI solution developed by EmpiricAI to foster productivity in business.

EmpiricAI’s WorkSafe Analytics (WSA) platform uses AI-powered Computer Vision technology to help businesses get an accurate view of potential health risks in the workplace. The software makes it easy to comply to health & safety guidelines.

WSA is integrated into on-site CCTV implementations and delivers real-time monitoring and detecting of any non-compliance of social distancing, correct mask usage and occupancy guidelines.

Salman Chaudhary, CEO at EmpiricAI, explains:

“Our WorkSafe Analytics will complement QED’s customer-driven solutions. We see the partnership with QED bringing the benefits of Computer Vision to a much wider market especially those that are required to adhere to strict health & safety procedures. The combination of our advanced technology, backed up with QED’s security offering and proven customer service, will make the benefits of Computer Vision much more accessible to customers.”

Computer Vision technology restores employee confidence around safety which in turn leaves more time for productivity rather than worrying about being socially distant enough from the next employee. Research has shown that more than 60 percent of workers agree that inadequate safety in their workplace significantly affects their productivity.

Steve Constantine, QED’s Product Development Director, said: “This partnership with EmpiricAI has been driven by the need to add more flexibility to our product range to support our partners working in environments where it’s important to monitor compliance with safety procedures. In addition, it also allows us to provide a timely and relevant solution to help address the health and safety challenges businesses are currently facing. It is a pleasure to work with EmpiricAI, whose range of products fills a gap in the marketplace like nobody else.”

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