SaaS Labs Launches JustCall IQ Conversation Intelligence Platform

William Smith

The offering augments the existing contact centre solution with data capture of features such as customer sentiment and buying patterns

SaaS Labs Launches JustCall IQ Conversation Intelligence Platform

SaaS Labs has announced an extension of its JustCall contact centre solution with a conversation intelligence platform.  

SaaS Labs offers a range of telephony, productivity and automation software, including CallRoot to help marketing teams track phone calls and Helpwise, an automated shared inbox for dealing with customer communication. Its contact centre offering JustCall serves as a cloud-based phone system and features extensive CRM and helpdesk integration – with customers including the likes of Walmart, Pipedrive, Dominos and Jaguar. 

The newly announced JustCall IQ product automatically collects call data such as customer sentiment and buying patterns, and is intended to boost the quality of sales team conversations. 

“A cloud contact centre bundled with conversation intelligence ends ambiguity in sale forecasting and feedback. It gives one true source of call data,” Gaurav Sharma, Founder & CEO, JustCall told us. “It maps everything from customer sentiment, satisfaction, points of interest, and key moments to help you make high ROI decisions.

New features enabled by the offering include: 

  • Unbiased feedback at scale with AI Scoring 
  • Customer insights with Moment and Sentiment Analysis 
  • Objection Handling with Agent Assist 
  • Mentorship and guidance with Coaching Insights 
  • Embedded intelligence with native CRM & Helpdesk integration 

“Remote work has made sales even more challenging than before,” said Gaurav Sharma. “Sales leaders can’t just rely on charisma and instinct to get teams on track anymore. JustCall IQ bridges the gap for sales leaders of today, it helps them identify winning pitches, evaluate team performance and give feedback and coaching at scale. We’ve distilled what makes a sales team tick into a science.” 



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