Telecoms CX Case Study in Focus: Genesys and 3

3 delights customers with Genesys technology

Telecoms CX Case Study in Focus: Genesys and 3
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Published: September 7, 2022

Rebekah Carter

Staying ahead of the curve with customer service in today’s fast-paced digital environment requires telecoms companies to adapt and evolve at incredible speed. Consumers in the technology landscape expect more from their providers than ever before. After all, problems with a communication system are enough to destroy virtually any business.

With so many vendors to choose from in today’s world, telecoms consumers can also easily switch away from a company failing to provide the level of service and support they expect. Fail to keep up with your client’s expectations, and you could find your revenue starts dropping fast.

3, one of the world’s better-known telecoms companies, decided it was time to enhance its CX strategy with an agile, cloud-based solution. With the help of the Genesys Cloud CX platform, the brand was able to successfully unit its sales and service teams, unlock a 10% increase in productivity, and a 20% reduction in call handling times.

Here’s what happened when 3 leveraged the benefits of Genesys for its CX efforts.

Embracing the Power of Cloud Technology

3 is a well-known Danish telecoms company with a presence in countries all around the globe. The brand is well-known for its innovations in the wireless and mobile communications space. With 3, customers and companies get access to lightning-fast connections, and fantastic uptime. The latest selection of features offered by the business includes everything from 5G communications to technology custom-made for the enterprise landscape.

Several years ago, 3 was one of the pioneering telecoms companies that decided to shift a significant number of its processes into the cloud, for innovation and agility. Before moving into the cloud, the business faced a number of complex problems. For instance, according to Business Optimisation Manager, Jonas Kristensen, customer experience and agent productivity alike were suffering as a result of too many distributed tech systems.

At the same time, the on-premises telephony solutions currently used by the 3 team for internal and external communications were struggling to keep up with demand. The investments were rapidly approaching end-of-life, and they were becoming harder, and more expensive to maintain.

Unlocking New Innovations with Genesys

Ready to evolve, the company evaluated a host of different vendors to find the technology they needed to compete in the modern world. Eventually, the Genesys “Cloud CX” offering emerged as the perfect solution for the transforming team. According to Kristensen, the Genesys technology, and the company’s roadmap for innovation in the future seemed like an obvious choice for 3’s needs.

The telecoms company trusted Genesys to keep their promises surrounding CX innovation, and they were glad they did. Today, the Cloud CX environment empowers 240 agents to efficiently and productively handle communications across an omnichannel environment, all managed in the same platform. The ecosystem also supports the 3 OiSTER brand, for delivering more affordable mobile services.

Customers can easily interact with 3’s service agents across a range of channels, and even request call backs to discuss issues ranging from billing and sales inquiries, to queries about call plans, repairs, and coverage.

Empowering High-Performing Agents

When choosing the right technology for their new CX strategy, the 3 team prioritized user experience and employee engagement. The team was already leveraging the skills and expertise of a local partner named Advania to support their digital transformation, and Genesys allowed the company to continue on this journey with ease.

According to Kristensen, the agents in the 3 workforce are made up mostly of digital natives, with a strong understanding of the technology landscape. Genesys Cloud CX allowed the team to leverage the latest technology and tools for interacting with customers, including CRM screen pops for contextualising conversations and making service more personal.

The system also came with workforce management integrations, and tools to make outbound campaigns as streamlined and efficient as possible. Within only 12 months of moving to the Genesys Cloud CX landscape, 3 in Denmark saw fantastic results from its customer experience metrics. The “Net Easy Score” for the company increased by 15%, while queue times were reduced by 74%.

Notably, the business found its agents were no longer wasting unnecessary time jumping between different tools and systems. Because Genesys allowed team members to access all the tools they needed in one space, they could achieve a 20% reduction in handling times, and a 10% increase in productivity. What’s more, task blending capabilities prompted a significant increase in agent engagement and satisfaction levels.

Even onboarding new employees became easier, with a convenient cloud-based environment any user could easily adapt to with minimal training.

Future Proofing Customer Service

Transitioning into the cloud-based environment offered by Genesys proved to be a particularly valuable move for 3 when the pandemic hit. The company was able to rapidly transition into the world of remote work, getting users up and running in the cloud within 24 hours. During the festive period, 30 brick-and-mortar stores shut down, and many customers started relying on calls to customer service instead, prompting a 50% increase in traffic.

Normal queue times of 15 seconds or less rapidly increased to more than 1 hour during times of peak demand, and pressure on remote teams mounted. Fortunately, 3 already had the system they needed in place to innovate at speed. The company redeployed 140 retail assistants into the customer service environment, using the cloud-based environment to empower their workers.

The Genesys technology also allowed the business to adjust the way they managed conversations. Initially, calls were diverted via a switchboard solution, but this prevented the handlers from accessing vital context and information about customers. Retail staff were given a crash course in Genesys Cloud CX to solve this problem, and new rule were implemented to determine what kind of calls each user received.

The business was able to rapidly stabilize customer satisfaction scores using this method, and keep teams as productive as possible. Going forward, 3 plans to continue enhancing its customer service and sales teams with the help of Genesys Cloud CX. It also plans on implementing more AI tools to enable self-service and track valuable customer information across multiple channels.


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