Thankful and Dixa Partner in the Name of AI

Charlie Mitchell

The companies join forces to bring an innovative customer service AI solution to Europe

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Thankful and Dixa Partner in the Name of AI

Thankful has signed a new partnership with Dixa, the customer service platform.

Renowned for delivering custom-built AI solutions, Thankful will now expand into Europe alongside a leading contact centre technology provider.

The partnership also allows Dixa to further differentiate its “customer friendship platform”. Its clients can harness Thankful’s AI solution to power new automation strategies that simplify the role of contact centre agents.

Understanding what customers want, the nuanced AI enables enhanced routing and ticket tagging. Yet, perhaps more pertinently, the platform automates responses across all written channels. Such automation adds speed to CX, drives operational efficiency, and streamlines agent experiences.

Excited by this potential, Maurits Pieper, Partnerships Manager at Dixa, says:

We are seeing a growing trend of customers looking for AI automation and assistance, allowing human agents to focus on more complex high-value conversations with customers. Thankful’s technology allows for that opportunity to take place at scale.

To drive these “high-value” conversations, Thankful aligns messages with customer sentiment, lifetime value, and previous interactions. Such customisation personalises CX.

Personalisation is already deeply embedded within the Dixa platform, which provides contact centres with automatic customer recognition. Harnessing this capability, agents can immediately access an overview of each customer’s purchase and conversation history, no matter the channel. As such, agents can personalise customer conversations.

Tactics of this nature massively increase CX maturity. Doing so is crucial, as Forrester report: “Businesses need to evolve their definition of personalization – from tactical segmentation, to strategic individualization.” The Thankful and Dixa partnership will allow more companies to achieve this aim.

The meteoric rise of Thankful perhaps provides an indication of its success rate so far. Since its launch in 2018, Thankful has achieved a 400% year-over-year growth. By partnering with Dixa, Thankful hope to continue this trend.

As Ted Mico, CEO and Co-founder at Thankful, says:

This partnership with Dixa is an exciting next step for us as it not only allows us entry into the highly desirable European market, but Dixa’s products are best-in-class, and our shared ethos will help us get exceptional customer service closer to becoming the norm.

The shared ethos, which strives to enable more personal conversations, will help bring businesses closer to their customers. In doing so, brands can engage in more meaningful interactions, which drive customer loyalty.



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