The Most Innovative Telecom, Media, and Technology CX Vendors to Watch in 2022

Leading vendors to consider this year

The Most Innovative Telecom, Media, and Technology CX Vendors to Watch in 2022
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Published: September 18, 2022

Rebekah Carter

In today’s high-speed digital world, customers and businesses alike are reliant on a series of crucial features in their day-to-day lives. Our communication tools, software, and even internet connections are critical to virtually everything we do. As such, telecom, media, and technology companies are under significant pressure to deliver a reliable service to every user.

Delivering reliable and future-proof solutions to every customer requires more than just an exceptional strategy from today’s business leaders. Companies also need to make sure they’re investing in the latest tools to power better CX.

Today, we’re looking at some of the top Customer Experience companies on the market today, committed to helping businesses in the “TMT” landscape impress their target audience.


Avaya is a market leading company in the communications sector, offering an exceptional suite of tools to businesses of all sizes. Not only does the company offer phenomenal cloud-based software and services, but it can also offer companies a range of hardware solutions too.

Avaya’s customer experience portfolio provides modern businesses with all the tools they need to empower their workforce and delight customers. You can create fully connected customer experience journeys with end-to-end omnichannel features. There’s also a host of tools available to boost “Total Experience”, so you can enhance employee engagement and business performance while working on your CX initiatives.

Avaya offers excellent services to business owners too, so companies in the telecom, media, and technology sector can get the assistance they need to make their strategy as successful as possible.


Another end-to-end solution provider in the communications world, Talkdesk offers specialist services for the communications, media, and internet landscape. State-of-the-art cloud-based contact centre solutions make it easier to track and enhance customer journeys on any channel. You can also access in-depth analytics for better decision making.

Talkdesk’s easy-to-use ecosystem comes with a host of modern, cutting-edge tools for empowering modern brands, including AI analytics and predictive insights. You can access workforce management tools, integrate your services with your existing tools and even boost employee collaboration in the same platform.


Committed to excellent experience for both customers and employees alike, Genesys is a fantastic communications company with a host of features to explore. You can design your own CX strategy using a highly flexible environment with support for a range of integrations. According to Genesys, its solutions help to boost agent productivity by an average of 25%, and digital sales by up to 400%.

The Genesys Cloud CX environment is fantastic for telecoms, media, and technology companies. With an omnichannel environment, you can connect conversations from a range of platforms into one environment, for easier pattern and trend tracking. The intuitive design of the interface is ideal for all kinds of agents, including those working remotely, and you can unlock built-in workforce engagement tools alongside powerful AI.


A market leader in the CX environment, NICE is an expert in helping businesses to create more efficient and powerful customer experiences. You can access in-depth analytics to track information about the customer journey across every channel. Plus, the flexible platform is great for integrating with the tools your business users already access.

NICE also has a range of fantastic workforce optimisation and engagement features. This is ideal for telecoms companies and technology innovators operating in the age of remote and hybrid work. With a vast partner ecosystem and digital transformation experts to help you make your transition into the cloud, NICE has everything companies need to evolve in an unpredictable environment.

The comprehensive CXOne platform is particularly innovative, with smart self-service features, journey orchestration, and optimisation tools.


Well-known for delivering a host of innovative CX tools to businesses in every industry, Five9 is a pioneer in customer experience. The company offers a powerful ecosystem of tools to businesses looking to adapt and optimize their CX strategy in the cloud. The intelligent contact centre tools ensure you can connect with customers on their channel of choice, and leverage AI for insights.

There are tools for automation, to boost employee efficiency, and workforce optimisation and management tools to help you get the most from your team. Five9 takes a digital-first approach to supporting businesses in the cloud, with powerful uptime promises, and a fantastic level of customer service. The company has even achieved awards for its conversational intelligence tools.


Salesforce is the company behind one of the most powerful CRM solutions in the world. The company offers a range of cloud-based services to business leaders, to help with everything from optimising services and sales, to boosting communication insights.

With a host of powerful analytics and pioneering AI solutions, Salesforce can help telecoms, media, and technology companies to better understand the buyer journey. The company also offers a host of integrations, API access, and other tools to help you expand the functionality of your CX stack. With a variety of training tools available, you can also empower your team members to accomplish more with useful guidance and video webinars.


Committed to helping businesses boost engagement among subscribers and customers, Verint has captured the attention of countless leading businesses over the years. The innovative brand offers a range of tools to drive more proactive and personalised connections with customers. There are tools for managing your workforce, building AI bots, and tracking business insights.

Verint’s intelligent customer service tools are brimming with ways to enhance customer satisfaction levels. You can connect with your customers on every channel they use, and leverage conversational AI to dive a little deeper into the insights you collect from your customers. There are even in-built knowledge management tools for employees.


Calabrio is a company focused on helping businesses to get the most out of their workforce. You can use the in-depth workforce management and optimisation tools to uncover insights into your workforce, and ensure more meaningful interactions with customers. There are also various tools for tracking call quality, and recording conversations for compliance and training purposes.

Calabrio’s ecosystem is also fantastic for gathering meaningful insights in the modern business environment. You can leverage in-depth analytics to learn more about the customer journey across multiple channels, and create custom reports for shareholders. Business leaders also gain access to various risk and compliance tools, to keep threat levels to a minimum.


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