Tips for Mastering Conversational AI

Rebekah Carter

Bringing conversational AI into the contact centre

Tips for Mastering Conversational AI

Artificial Intelligence is a common component of the modern Contact Centre. As companies strive to find ways of better serving their customers in a competitive world, AI offers an excellent opportunity to stand out. Through intelligent systems, it’s easier for companies to collect and analyse huge amounts of valuable customer data.

We can use AI to support the modern contact centre agent, giving them instant access to information with a single verbal command, or automating repetitive tasks. Conversational AI is one more recent innovation in the AI landscape for contact centres. This element of the AI umbrella is particularly useful for customer self-service, and the development of virtual assistants.

Using Conversational AI in the Contact Centre

Conversational AI refers to the AI tools and bots that can respond to conversational language, rather than just written commands and keywords. Conversational systems can include the smart assistants that understand human language and deliver relevant responses in a self-service IVR system. A conversational solution can also pinpoint terms in a client query and use those words to pull information from a database to help agents deliver better service.

So, how can companies best use conversational AI for CX?

  • Strengthen self-service: Conversational AI can assist with a wide range of challenges in the modern contact centre. These tools are particularly useful at responding to customer queries during self-service experiences. Because conversational bots can understand spoken words and more natural language, they can respond more accurately to questions, reducing customer frustrations
  • Improved contact centre routing: Conversational AI systems with natural language processing and understanding skills can help to route customers to the right agents. The solution pulls information from a customer’s query and uses that information to determine which agent can best deal with a call
  • Support contact centre agents: Conversational solutions aren’t just there to support customers; they can also help agents to create a better experience for your end-users too. With conversational agents, users can quickly access valuable information to answer a customer question or deal with an issue. This reduces the amount of time spent searching for insights and increases the speed of resolution
  • Learn about customer preferences: Conversational AI is excellent at collecting huge amounts of customer needs and preferences. After analysing thousands of discussions, your AI system could show business leaders trends in client discussions or highlight common issues that need to be addressed. You can even find bots with sentiment analysis capabilities today

Remember to pay attention to the feedback customers give you about your conversational systems too. Are they delivering a friendly and reliable experience?

Make Contact Centre Conversations More Intelligent

The conversations that customers have with contact centres can make or break their opinions about a brand. In the modern world, discussions don’t just happen between humans. The most valuable conversations can also occur between your employees, your customers, and the technology you use every day. Learning how to implement conversational services effectively could be the key to driving more immersive experiences for customers.

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