Top 6 Reasons to Buy Microsoft Teams for the Contact Centre

Rebekah Carter

Microsoft Teams brings many benefits to the contact centre

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Top 6 Reasons to Buy Microsoft Teams for the Contact Centre

Microsoft Teams is currently among the most popular tools in the world, helping around 250 million teams and individuals to communicate and collaborate on a massive scale. Though it started as a productivity and collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams quickly emerged as the go-to solution for UCaaS among many companies. 

As companies began to discover how valuable Microsoft Teams could be for unified communications, they also began experimenting with the possibilities of using the same technology for the contact center. After all, if Microsoft Teams can make people productive and efficient on a day-to-day basis in the UCaaS space, just imagine what it can do for the contact center?

Here are some of the top reasons to buy Microsoft Teams for the contact center in 2022.

  1. All-in-One Communications

Microsoft Teams is one of the leading tools in the world today for communication and collaboration. The easy-to-use application works across a range of devices, and enables excellent teamwork across video, messaging, voice, and SMS. As the world of work grows more hybrid and distributed, being able to align all of your employees in the same environment is becoming increasingly crucial. 

Indeed, companies are beginning to look into ways of connecting various communication environments into one ecosystem. The intersection of UCaaS and CCaaS allows teams to connect with customers, shareholders, specialists, and colleagues, all in the same space. 

With a contact center for Microsoft Teams, companies can effectively bridge the gap between their employees and consumers. An all-in-one environment for communications, both internally and externally, allows companies to discover a new level of alignment, even in an age of remote work.

  1. Improved Productivity

Microsoft Teams is an incredible tool for boosting productivity. It streamlines the flow of knowledge and information through the business, allowing teams to share documents, messages, and files with ease. The solution also naturally integrates with the Microsoft 365 productivity suite, where many professionals work on a day-to-day basis. 

By creating an all-in-one environment for your employees to interact with each other, share data, and communicate with employees, you boost productivity. When teams spend less time jumping between apps and services, they can spend more time focusing on the task at hand. 

Microsoft Team’s flexible environment can also instantly extend and evolve, thanks to an open framework and dozens of pre-existing integrations. Connecting various other tools from within the business, like ERP and CRM systems helps to enhance productivity even further.

  1. Flexibility and Scalability

Using Microsoft Teams as the heart of your contact center environment means embracing the full power of cloud communications for your team. Microsoft Teams can expand and adapt to suit your business as it grows and changes. You can implement additional contact center functionality when demand peaks in your business and reduce the number of employees accessing these tools when demand begins to slow.

Microsoft also allows you to build your contact center based on your customer’s preferences and needs. For instance, you can implement chat and SMS to communicate with your consumers if you feel they prefer messaging to phone calls. Businesses hoping to offer a more intimate level of customer care might get involved with video communications. 

Microsoft Teams’ highly innovative environment even comes with access to a range of disruptive features, like instant transcription and translation with AI technology. With Microsoft Teams, you can easily design the ultimate contact center without compromise. 

  1. Improved Security and Compliance

Microsoft’s entire ecosystem is built from the ground up with a focus on security, privacy, and compliance – all factors crucial to the performance of the modern business. However, the same could be said for most contact center solutions. What makes building your contact center into Microsoft Teams extra appealing, is that it simplifies the flow of data.

With your contact center in the same environment as your UCaaS solution or collaboration system, there are fewer applications to track to get a full view of what’s going on in your business. IT Teams can easily keep an eye on the movement of data and the behavior of their teams from Microsoft’s comprehensive administrator center. 

The solution is even perfect for the hybrid workplace, as it allows companies to roll updates and patches out to professionals wherever they are, instantly. Microsoft can even give companies the option to implement extra levels of security through things like two-factor authentication and encryption. 

  1. Increasingly Innovative Features

Part of what makes Microsoft Teams so compelling to today’s companies, as a UCaaS tool, is its commitment to innovation. The solution started life as a replacement for Skype for Business and has since emerged as one of the most popular tools of all time, and a leader in UCaaS. The same dedication to disruption is evident in Microsoft’s approach to contact center tools. 

Everything from Vita insights to help you track the wellbeing of your remote contact center team, to dashboards where employees can track their own productivity and performance levels, can make your company more effective. Features like virtual backgrounds for professional face-to-face discussions with clients, and unique presentation tools can even make it easier to impress B2B customers.

As Microsoft continues to transform the Teams landscape, it will only become more appealing for the contact center. 

  1. Amazing Partnerships

Accessing Microsoft Teams Contact Centre tools means collaborating with a partner capable of unlocking your contact center’s potential.

The Microsoft Teams landscape only becomes more impressive when you consider the operator connect and direct routing technology which helps to enable contact center functionality in Teams. Through partnerships with approved contact center professionals, you can access the unique contact center environments you need, no matter your vertical or industry.

Companies can even access dedicated hardware built for Microsoft Teams, and innovative solutions for things like call recording in regulated environments. The flexibility of Microsoft Teams and its ability to work with a range of vendor solutions make it suitable for all kinds of companies.



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