UJET Raises $55 Million for Contact Centre Update

Rebekah Carter

UJET accesses funding to propel growth

UJET Raises $55 Million for Contact Centre Update

Leading provider of cloud contact centre solutions, UJET, recently announced its successful Series C funding round. The company raised $55 million overall, creating a total of just over $100 million to date. With the adoption of cloud contact centre and omni-channel customer support solutions on the rise, this new funding round will expand UJET’s marketing and sales teams on an international and domestic scale.

UJET is in the middle of propelling customer experience into a new era by helping groups to take advantage of actionable data, design new business models, and unlock intelligent workflows. With UJET, companies have the technology and tools required to make more immersive and engaging experiences for customers.

The New Round of Funding

The latest round of funding came from Sapphire Ventures, with participation from existing investors like Citi Ventures, Google Ventures, Resolute Ventures, and DCM. The Managing Director, Co-Founder, and President of Sapphire Ventures, Jal Das, will be joining the board of directors at UJET. Das brings over 15 years of experience helping companies innovate their marketing and product strategies to a point of market leadership.

Companies are increasingly embracing cloud-based solutions for the contact centre, as they undergo more digital transformation efforts, and unlock modern approaches to omni-channel support, according to Das. This trend is something that started to emerge before the pandemic hit. However, COVID-19 has strengthened the demand for an all-in-one and cloud-native contact centre solution. UJET is now in a unique position to push a new wave of contact centre companies tackling the challenge of finding a better way for customers to connect with companies.

The fundraising comes straight after a remarkable period of growth for UJET. The company has seen its total number of licenses increase by 400% in the last 12 months, while furthering expansion into new sectors like on-demand services, retail, and eCommerce. The company is also exploring healthcare, financial services, and IoT.

Updating the Customer Experience

Anand Janefalkar

Anand Janefalkar

According to the CEO and Founder of UJET, Anand Janefalkar, today’s digital-first clients expect a highly personalised experience where they can connect seamlessly with live and virtual agents when they have issues, and have those problems resolved in an efficient, fast, and modern manner. The UJET company is thrilled to have an opportunity to continue investing in it’s vision of the future.

UJET hopes to continue developing smartphone-centric and cloud-native solutions with the security and scale that companies need. According to the UJET team, this process will facilitate the reimagining of consumer journeys that create loyalty and trust, while driving greater customer satisfaction levels too.



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