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CX Summit 2022
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Published: May 27, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

Making time to learn the latest trends, developments, and insights from the fast-paced CX world is tricky. After all, attending an in-person conference is taxing. 

However, webinars are hit and mostly miss, reports are sometimes a snooze fest, and articles often fail to paint the full picture.  

Enter The CX Summit 2022. With carefully crafted content, this event aims to fill the void, covering the latest hot topics with analyst-led keynotes, practitioner-driven roundtables, and vendor-inspired innovation sessions.  

Alongside all this, we will present on-demand video sessions, content hubs, and a unique digital expo that features some of the most prominent technology vendors from across the CX space.  

Yes, there is lots to enjoy. Yet, we wanted to pack as much value as possible into the event – which runs from July 5-7, 2022. After all, as CX preachers, we wanted to create an attendee experience like no other, ensuring that there is something for everyone. 

To stay up to date with the latest news and add the event to your calendar, please register now. 

Hot Topics 🔥

CX never sits still. Whether it is transforming data into wisdom, capturing customer context, or personalizing experiences in a soon-to-be cookie-less world, many trends are bubbling under the surface. Keeping on top of each is tricky but possible, thanks to our CX Summit. 

After thoroughly inspecting the current CX state of play, we have carefully conjured a list of red hot topics that we will address through engaging presentations, expert-led roundtables, and on-demand videos. Here are some of the most eye-catching examples: 

  • Ushering in The Total Experience 
  • Unlocking the Collaborative Contact Centre with Teams 
  • Leveraging the Power of Conversational AI 
  • Delivering a Human Touch That Differentiates CX 
  • And much more!  

Don’t Miss These Featured Sessions!

By snooping around our digital expo, digging into our content hubs, and delving into our on-demand videos, CX pros can mine many golden nuggets to inform their strategies. Yet, some of the sessions at our live conference are simply unmissable. Here are three excellent examples from each day of our exciting event.   

Day 1 – Transforming Contact Centres with Microsoft Teams – Tom Arbuthnot, Founder and Principal of Empowering.Cloud  

The collaborative contact centre connects the enterprise by creating alliances, sharing customer insights, and helping break down journey siloes. Microsoft Teams is the technology greasing the wheels, integrating with many CCaaS solutions to usher in the next-generation contact centre. Tom Arbuthnot introduces how while teaming up with fellow Microsoft experts to discuss the power of combining CCaaS and UCaaS to supercharge customer and employee experiences.    

Day 2 – Humanising Your Customer Experiences – Clare Muscutt, Founder and CEO of Women in CX 

The rise of no-code and low-code digital experience tools is accelerating digital transformation and complementing effortless customer experiences. Yet, many brands are perhaps losing their individuality, the essence of what attracts customers to them. Fortunately, Clare Muscutt and friends from the Women in CX organization are here to save the day, discussing how companies can maximize the human touch to differentiate experiences. However, these are not your ordinary friends. Instead, they are expert CX practitioners working at leading global brands, including Uber, Waitrose, and Dicks Sporting Goods. 

Day 3 – Deliver Better CX with Everyday AI – Alain Mowad, Director- Product Marketing, Talkdesk

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having a huge impact on the way businesses are able to deliver CX. In this session Alain Mowad from Talkdesk discusses how AI can help businesses extract deep insights from their customer data and how to ensure that insight is actionable. From increasing customer’s ability to self-serve, to identifying customer and agent issues, there are many ways AI can be used effectively in businesses day-to-day. In this session Alain talks about diverse data sets and how AI can perform better in a CX environment when exposed to the right data and when it can learn from human customer service agents too. 

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So, register now, stay tuned and spread the word. Our vision is to deliver a unique, engaging CX event that you can enjoy with your community. 

We cannot wait to see you there! 

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