Allego Launches Digital Sales Rooms

William Smith

The technology provides salespeople and buyers centralised access to resources

Allego Launches Digital Sales Rooms

Sales enablement and learning platform Allego has announced the launch of a new solution known as Digital Sales Rooms. 

The Digital Sales Rooms are available as a module integrated into the broader Allego Sales Learning and Enablement Platform and provide a centralised, secure repository of collaborative sales information such as collateral, video messages, recorded meetings, presentations and confidential documents. 

“The traditional buying experience often feels like a hunting expedition. Prospective buyers have to track down valuable information, including vendor communications, meeting notes, and key documents in order to inform their decisions,” said Allego Chief Product Officer Andre Black. “With Allego’s Digital Sales Rooms, we’re taking the drudgery out of both the selling and the buying processes by providing prospective customers with a digital personalised white-glove experience in a collaborative virtual space. It streamlines communication and secures the important information and assets, which brings us one step closer to a painless buyer’s journey. This is the way top sellers will differentiate themselves with prospects, today and in the future.” 

A Solution for Hybrid Workforces 

Allego framed the new technology as being suited to hybrid workforces, which it expected to remain in place after the pandemic. Replacing traditional forms of communication such as email or phone, it said the rooms allowed for a more personalised approach. 

Among the features of Allego’s Digital Sales Rooms are: 

  • Templates for branded content assets such as company logos 
  • Personalisation of the Digital Sales Room with banners 
  • Personalised video messages to greet buyers 
  • Engagement tracking functionality to gain insight into which buyers are engaging with which items 

“Being able to build relationships with buyers when you can’t be together is critical and sending too many emails just prolongs the sales process,” said Matt Miersen, Senior Manager, Global Sales Enablement, Veritas Technologies LLC, an Allego customer. 

“Digital Sales Rooms will allow our reps to share all relevant information, including intro videos from the Veritas team, key sales collateral, invitations to events, product information, pricing, demos, and more, all in one place so prospects and customers don’t have to weed through emails and comb through our website to find what they need. In addition to making it easier for our prospects and customers to interact with Veritas, these Digital Sales Rooms will greatly help our various departments internally, such as New Business Sales, the Renewals Team, and Support to consolidate the sharing of information with our buyers.” 

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