Essential CRM Events for your Calendar 2022 

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Incredible events to add to your calendar in 2022  

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Essential CRM Events for your Calendar 2022 

As customer experience stands out as the most important way to differentiate your business in a competitive landscape, demand for CRM tech is increasing. Currently, the CRM marketplace is accelerating towards a value of $129.97 billion by 2028, highlighting a growing need for powerful ways of understanding and tracking customer journeys.  

However, if you’re making your first strides into the CRM landscape, or you’re not sure how to combine CRM technology with the rest of your CX strategy, it can be tough to know where to start. There are tons of CRM tools out there and countless ways to take advantage of the software.  

Events covering important CX technologies like CRM software can give you a useful behind-the-scenes insight into which technology you should use and how you can make the most of it. Here are just some of the events worth attending in 2022.  

Customer Contact Week 

June 20-23, 2022, Caesars Forum, Las Vegas 

Often considered one of the most valuable events in the CX landscape, Customer Contact Week (CCW) is the perfect place to learn everything you need to know about delighting your target audience. This phenomenal event will give you a behind-the-scenes look at all of the most crucial tools you’ll need to support your customers in 2022, including helpdesk and CRM technology.  

You’ll be able to hear from celebrity headliner Tyra Banks about how she made her own company a success with a strong focus on customer experience. Plus, the expo halls offer an excellent opportunity to learn more about some of the most valuable tools on the market for understanding your customers and mapping their purchasing journey.  


June 22-23, 2022, Online and in London 

Another must-visit event for insights into the world of customer experience, CX EMEA is an annual conference hosted by expert analysts at Forrester. You’ll have the option to attend this event in person or check out the sessions that matter most to you online. Either way, you’ll have a comprehensive view of the CX landscape and the tools within it, including CRM solutions.  

Experts from around the world come together during the CX EMEA event to discuss the latest trends in the industry and explore new opportunities for delivering better customer service. You’re sure to learn a little more about CRM technology, as well as the unique strategies you can use to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

NGCX 2022 

July 19, 2022, Boston, MA 

Widely regarded as one of the best events in the world for CX leaders, the “Next-Gen Customer Experience” conference is a session you should definitely attend if you want to outshine the competition. Intended to provide behind-the-scenes insight into the latest trends and developments in the CX landscape, NGCX will ensure you’re prepared to make the right impression on your audience, even in an evolving landscape.  

Since first emerging in 2011, the NGCX event has become one of the top sources of information on everything from CRM technology to the latest tools for help desks and contact centre support. You’re sure to find plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. 

August 31 to Sep 2, 2022, Denver, CO 

Join a selection of more than 700 leaders in the contact centre and CX landscape to discuss the complexities of mapping an ever-changing customer journey. This educational event is a great place to discuss the transformation of the customer service landscape with like-minded people and learn a little more about the benefits of CRM solutions.  

Throughout the show, you’ll have a chance to learn about how you can stay compliant with regulatory updates in your landscape, leverage the latest technology tools, and take steps to personalize customer service. You’ll even have a chance to discuss some of the top software options on the market for business leaders with a focus on CX. 

ICMI Contact Centre Expo 

October 24-27, 2022, Orlando, Florida 

After a successful digital event hosted in April 2022, the ICMI Contact Centre conference is returning to Orlando, Florida, in October. This fantastic conference is a must-visit for many top CX innovators and business leaders around the world. You’ll have a chance to learn from leading companies like 8×8 and Genesys about their contact centre tools, as well as the CRMs you can integrate into a cloud stack.  

This is a wonderfully educational event experience for attendees, with plenty of keynote sessions and speeches, as well as chances to talk to major vendors from across the CX landscape. You can find everything you need to build the perfect customer service strategy here.  

Customer Experience Live Show 

December 6-7th, 2022, Birmingham UK 

Just before the end of 2022, make sure you brush up on your customer experience knowledge and learn more about the latest trends facing the CRM space with the Customer Experience Live show. This powerful event is a great place to learn about everything from the shift to the cloud to the new channels your customers prefer to use when communicating with brands.  

The Customer Experience Live show often covers a host of topics related to CRM technology, tracking the customer journey, and building more tech-savvy strategies for customer experience. Plus, there are tons of opportunities to network too.  

Customer Engage 

February 9, 2023, Victoria Park Plaza, London 

If you’re willing to wait just a little longer for your customer experience updates, you can prepare yourself for a whole new year of innovations with the Customer Engage event in 2023. This CX-focused event looks at all of the changing trends in the customer service industry, from the rise of cloud technology to the use of AI to support service agents.  

The eighth version of this annual conference will guide delegates through a range of panel discussions, case studies, and in-depth interviews with leaders in the industry, so you can learn everything you need to know about the modern tech you need. If you’re ready to upgrade your CX strategy, this is the event for you.  


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