Red Box Launches Salesforce Einstein Integration

Fuelling AI Insights with Salesforce Einstein

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Published: August 4, 2020

Rebekah Carter

Leading platform for voice, Red Box, recently announced the new Red Box AI Bridge for the Salesforce Einstein solution via Salesforce AppExchange. The Salesforce AppExchange is a leading cloud marketplace for enterprise solutions. The AI Bridge allows companies not using Salesforce communication platforms to capture high-quality metadata and call data from an existing platform.

The voice data from contact centre and UC platforms become easily available to the Einstein call coaching application. This means that teams can access more powerful insights for boosted sales and revenue outcomes.

Upgrading Call Coaching Opportunities

The call coaching service available through Salesforce Einstein appeared as part of the Dreamforce event in 2019. This High-Velocity Sales solution forms a crucial part of the Salesforce 2020 Summer release. Through help from an immersive AI and analytics solution, managers in sales and contact centre teams can genuinely empower the workforce.

Supervisors can access insights that allow for the improved coaching of individual experts and service providers. What’s more, it’s easier to scale learning across multiple teams with this solution. Companies will also be able to gain deeper insights into needs and customer experiences.

The extent of the Red Box connectivity solution for supporting voice capture through any platform, combined with the company’s ability to capture call audio ready for AI is industry-changing. The Red Box solution ensures that AI-enabled speech analytics is easier to access for today’s businesses than ever before.

Taking Business Insights Further

Red Box is a leading voice specialist committed to empowering businesses as they search for ways to securely capture and explore the value of enterprise voice. With a connected and open platform, Red Box can capture and transcribe information from more than 85 communication systems across the global landscape. Customers with Red Box even retain data sovereignty.

Pete Ellis
Pete Ellis

Red Box works hand-in-hand with a leading reseller channel that supports leading organisations in multiple verticals. The company captures and secures millions of calls daily. Integrating with the latest in Salesforce AI technology was a natural step forward for the brand.

According to the Chief Product Officer of Red Box, Pete Ellis, AI-ready call audio makes speech analytics with AI enhancements an incredible next step in the connection that the business has with Salesforce. The team is looking forward to empowering customers with transformative experiences and sales outcomes.

The AI Bridge from Red Box for Salesforce Einstein is available now on the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace, alongside the Voice Data Controller application. This app supports the mapping of any conversations occurring across the business to accounts, contacts, and leads records in Salesforce.


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