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What is Webex Contact Center Enterprise?

Webex Contact Center Enterprise Review - CX Today News

Published: August 26, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Cisco Webex Contact Center Enterprise (CCE) is just one of the Contact Center solutions offered by one of the world’s leading communication companies today.

Offered alongside the Webex Contact Center and the new Webex Contact Center for Microsoft Teams solution, the toolkit targets the CX needs of larger organizations. Built to be flexible, convenient, secure, and omnichannel capable, CCE has become a popular choice in recent years.

The technology offers a comprehensive range of built-in features for customer service and is highly extensible through add-on and API options.

Let’s take a closer look at Cisco Webex Contact Center Enterprise and what it can do.

What is Webex Contact Center Enterprise?

Otherwise known as Webex CCE, Cisco Webex Contact Center Enterprise is a secure, customizable, and comprehensive solution for larger contact centers. Suitable for up to 36,000 concurrent agents, CCE offers the scale and features today’s business leaders rely on to deliver excellent service.

The CCE platform is currently one of three contact center offerings provided by Webex. Companies can choose between:

  • Cisco Webex Contact Center for Teams: A native contact center integration certified for Microsoft Teams to align UC and CCaaS requirements.
  • Webex Contact Center: An all-in-one solution for any company searching for omnichannel communication capabilities.
  • Webex Contact Center Enterprise: A feature-rich private cloud solution custom-built for teams with tens of thousands of agents.

These solutions promise enriched experiences for agents and customers alike, with state-of-the-art technology and an open cloud architecture. Built on the Webex platform, both platforms deliver the feature velocity and innovation companies need in the cloud.

Cisco also offers a seamless migration solution for larger organizations transitioning on-premises contact centers into the cloud. The Cisco Flex plan enables organizations to shift their technology into an agile environment at their own pace.

Cisco’s Enterprise Contact Center: The Features

Built on the Webex Platform for Contact Center, Webex CCE is a private cloud-based offering with plenty of powerful features.

This service allows companies to integrate their contact centers with other Webex applications and WFO (Workforce Optimization) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools. Integrations and APIs are also available for quality management, mobile applications, reporting, video, and more.

Webex Contact Center Enterprise offers a comprehensive cloud-based feature set broken down into core and optional add-on components. The key features include:

Omnichannel communications

Every agent license for Webex CCE includes enterprise chat, email, and voice functionality. Customers can chat with agents live over the web, and agents can handle multiple sessions simultaneously. There are automated reply and routing options for email, and users can leverage an integrated callback feature for web or phone interactions.

Self-service IVR is offered via the Cisco Unified Customer Portal. Customers can use voice commands to retrieve information without speaking to an agent or to navigate to the correct department instantly. There are also options for integrations with third-party tools.

Automatic Call Distribution and Routing

Webex CCE offers routing services based on Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise technologies. The built-in ACD functionality allows rapid routing of calls to an agent based on pre-set triggers. Webex CCE also includes precision routing to send contacts to the best available agent based on caller and agent attributes.

With an integrated portal, Cisco Webex Contact Center Enterprise users can create rules and scripts for every routing strategy. This functionality includes agent and skill-based intelligent routing, precision routing, schedule setting, and trigger messages.

Customer profile routing, which leverages data from the CRM for a more intelligent connection, is also available. The system even delivers contextual and customer profile information to agents.

Agent features

CCE comes with configurable agent greeting options and agent whisper for collaborative sessions. Remote agent support includes CTI integration and reporting capabilities for distributed staff members. Cisco Unified Mobile agent also allows agents to connect to the contact center on any device and third-party switch infrastructure.

Other agent features include:

  • Team collaboration for enterprise agents
  • Cisco Finesse for next-generation desktop management
  • User-configurable settings for codes and speed dials
  • Screen pop service capabilities
  • Single sign-on

Supervisory and Administration features

Supervisors can view agent states and call information in the Webex Contact Center Enterprise platform. They can chat with agents, record conversations, intercept calls, and silently monitor team members.

Streamlined administration allows monitors to perform all contact center admin tasks in a web-based portal. The CCE solution includes capabilities to:

  • Set access restrictions
  • Manage access and role-based permissions
  • Add or remove agents from a team
  • Create contact center units
  • Customize dashboards
  • Administer UC phones and features
  • Automate distribution of audio files

Cisco Webex CCE Add-on Features

Alongside all of the built-in features mentioned above, Webex Contact Center Enterprise offers various API and add-on options. APIs range from the Cisco Finesse API for desktop functionalities to the Precision routing API. Other potential add-ons include:

  • Omnichannel extensions: SMS and MMS text, Facebook Messenger, Twitter direct messaging, intelligent notifications, and toll or toll-free numbers.
  • ASR and TTS: Users can add Automatic Speech Recognition and Text-to-speech solutions to the core package for enhanced self-service.
  • Portal callbacks: Portal callback features allow callers to hold their place in a queue and receive a call when an agent is available.
  • Unified Agent desktop: A comprehensive omnichannel desktop with full access to task managers, CRM, interaction history, agent stats, and more.
  • Quality Management: Cloud QM services with digital recordings of voice and data functionality, evaluation, and storage for voice interactions
  • CRM connectors: Various CRM and business application connectors via APIs
  • Outbound campaign management: Cisco’s comprehensive range of outbound voice services, with predictive, progressive, and direct preview dialing.
  • List management: A fully integrated centralized manager for outbound dialer services.
  • Cisco Emergency responder: Emergency 911 functionality offered by Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Advanced Solutions Webex CCE for Government

In 2022, Webex also created an advanced version of its Webex Contact Center Enterprise solution, specifically for Government entities. The solution offers expanded meeting, messaging, and contact center capabilities in an all-in-one package.

What’s more, it comes with Webex Calling, providing full access to the power of the Webex platform in a single solution for omnichannel interactions. The Government-focused platform was recently updated for 2023, achieving FedRAMP moderate authorization from the Joint Authorization Board.

According to Cisco, government agencies want to enhance hybrid work and return to office strategies in 2023. The updated Webex Contact Center Enterprise solution empowers these initiatives while preserving security. It combines intuitive collaboration and communication strategies with state-of-the-art contact center controls.

Cisco Webex Contact Center Enterprise: The Benefits

Webex Contact Center Enterprise combines highly scalable and secure business communications with an intuitive end-to-end interface. The sophisticated and straightforward admin portals and agent/supervisor desktops empower companies to operate with incredible agility.

Some of the biggest benefits of Cisco Webex CCE include:

  • Phenomenal enterprise scale: Supporting tens of thousands of concurrent agents, Webex CCE has the scale and security required by larger companies. It empowers bigger companies to make the shift to cloud communications.
  • Security and privacy: CCE is backed by Cisco’s incredible range of global data centers and cloud infrastructure. The solution adheres to Cisco’s state-of-the-art security and privacy standards, giving enterprise customers peace of mind.
  • Cloud flexibility: The Webex Contact Center Enterprise is a flexible, cloud-based solution built on the Webex platform. It offers feature agility, integration with other cloud applications, and exceptional innovation.
  • Customization: Users customize and extend the Cisco Webex Contact Center Enterprise to their needs. The solution integrates with other cloud and Webex applications, such as CRM and WFO platforms.
  • Ease of Use: CCE elevates team efficiency and productivity with rapid deployment options and a convenient interface. The solution streamlines contact center management and administration, reducing the demand for technical resources.

Webex Contact Center Enterprise: Pricing and Availability

While the rapid deployment service for Webex CCE is only available in the US, the solution is globally available. Webex Contact Center Enterprise is available in Australia, Europe, and North America. Additionally, expansion into Asia is planned within the coming months.

This solution is supported by eight global data centers, all owned and operated by Cisco. In terms of pricing, Cisco offers plans on a per-quote basis. The cloud service is delivered on a “Concurrent Agent” purchasing model.

Companies can create their own Enterprise-focused plan using the Cisco Flex plan.

Webex Contact Center Enterprise: Verdict

For companies searching for a comprehensive and scalable solution for the contact center, Webex Contact Center Enterprise could be the perfect solution. Deliberately designed for scale and ideally suited to various industries, this all-in-one contact center is a true market star.

Moreover, with the backing of a reliable and secure company like Cisco, companies can rest assured their contact center solution will evolve seamlessly with them.

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