Customer Experience is the Universal Differentiator

Genesys “Experience as a Service” facilitates true personalisation at scale

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Last Edited: March 24, 2021

Maya Middlemiss

Maya Middlemiss

In a world where products can be replicated on the other side of the globe in minutes and competing on price is a hopeless race to the bottom, the key frontier for brand differentiation in 2020 is how they make customers feel — according to Brendan Dykes, Senior Director, Solution and Product Marketing at Genesys.

After all, things are only getting more and more noisy out there, and consumers have never had more choice. “We receive thousands of brand messages a day, and it’s harder for organisations to cut through, to appear unique and different”, he explained.

“If you can take technology and enable the human touch, in an efficient and empathetic way, you’ll be able to understand the individual in the moment and create trust and loyalty”

“These are things you can’t buy or put them in the shopping basket, but customers feel affinity with brands that are able to display these qualities.”

Personalisation, not personas

Brendan Dykes
Brendan Dykes

The key to Genesys Experience as a ServiceSM is enabling brands to relate to their customers as unique individuals, not as marketing personas. Demographic pigeonholing by broad strokes is a strategy for the past, and customers expect their varied influences, need-states and motivations to be considered whenever a product or service is provided.

More often than not, people still need to identify themselves and why they are contacting a company. They repeat who they are and why they need service, not just once, but often to every employee they interact with. Their history doesn’t follow them and there is a disconnect, as businesses have not connected and integrated data correctly so that they can maximise the opportunities presented by technology. Experience as a Service allows companies to provide empathetic experiences by understanding what a customer is looking for, with the context of every interaction with that customer, and providing real-time support in the way the customer prefers.

Dykes illustrated this point saying, “I’m a ‘Baby Boomer’ — so the traditional marketing persona would classify me as wanting a very personalised service, a conversation with a real human being. However, this generalisation misses the fact that most Baby Boomers are willing to use automation and self-service technologies, if it means they can get what they want quickly and easily. If you look at the cash point, people of all generations use them and it is a fantastic piece of self-service. However, when automation fails to help us, i.e. the cash point not working or giving you the cash – regardless of the generation or demographic – people will want to speak to a human being straight away.”

Genesys Cloud: Uniting the CRM with real-time behaviour data

As companies continue to tailor services that suit their customers’ changing needs, meeting these changing requirements means brands have to respond rapidly to their shifting priorities. Being able to pull together data from multiple back-office applications  to provide immediate contextual relevance to their behaviour in the moment allows businesses to create truly personalised customer experiences.

As consumers today are willing to share personal details and preferences with brands to receive truly personalised services every time they interact with their favourite outlets. The wealth of data businesses can now tap into and analyse allows them to deliver highly responsive, predictive and contextual services. The ability to gather data, make sense of it and act on it means that businesses can now view their customer as individuals, not as personas.

The accessibility of Genesys Cloud puts this unique competitive advantage in reach of any organisation that wants to optimise their customer experience. As Dykes continues,

“…the cloud is enabling service delivery at a broader level, democratising service delivery, in a way that allows smaller organisations to be able to get to the new technologies much faster”

Genesys Cloud enables every company to provide a customer experience which competes with top-rated global brands, and dominate their own niche through user-centred and deeply personalised interaction — which is what consumers really want in 2020.


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