Merkle Launches an Identity Resolution Platform

Sandra Radlovački

The new platform eliminates the need for third-party cookies

Merkle Launches an Identity Resolution Platform

Customer experience management company Merkle has launched an identity resolution platform – Merkury – in collaboration with Tealium, a customer data firm.

Merkury is a cookieless identity resolution platform that enables brands to unify first-party customer data and digital engagement with a single, person-based ID. By doing so, brands can create target audience personas based on data gathered from a single buyer’s journey.

Matt Seeley, Global Marketing Tech and Data Management Lead at Merkle, said: “Our partnership with Tealium over the past seven years has resulted in unprecedented personalization capabilities, allowing brands to scale their efforts in real-time customer engagement.”

“Today’s market is changing so rapidly, driving consumers to have elevated expectations of their relationships with brands. We are excited to continue growing with Tealium in our ability to keep pace with these changes and execute increasingly tailored and relevant interactions.”

The Merkury ID graph can add up to over 10,000 offline attributes and can help brands increase customer conversion rates.

By becoming a part of Tealium customer data platform, Merkury will enable Tealium clients to increase site visitor identification rates, enhance personalisation, and improve audience segmentation, all without relying on third-party cookies.

Matthew Gray, Global Vice President, Partnerships at Tealium, said: “Unified customer data is an organization’s most valuable asset and greatest competitive advantage. Tealium allows data to be easily integrated across the entire enterprise for real-time activation using the most trusted customer data platform (CDP).”

“Our partnership with Merkle enables our joint clients to unify and activate data in real-time, delivering next-level experiences that people want.”

Merkle and Tealium first became partners in 2015, launching solutions that drive customer engagement and help organisations deliver personalised customer experiences.

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