Pegasystems Debuts a Personalized Customer Outreach Solution

Charlie Mitchell

Working with Celebrus, the vendor aims to drive customer engagement through its latest innovation

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Pegasystems Debuts a Personalized Customer Outreach Solution

Pegasystems has launched its Always-On Insights solution, which equips companies with a hyper-personalized, proactive customer outreach tool.

The offering stems from a partnership with Celebrus, a customer data platform provider that captures first-party insights in real-time.

Combining this capability with AI-powered decisioning, available within the Pega Customer Decision Hub, Always-On Insights tracks customer behavior and triggers outbound messages and offers.

In doing so, users may enhance customer engagement, drive higher response rates, and develop a much more sophisticated digital marketing and support strategy.

Sharing more of the ins and outs, Rob Walker, Vice President of Decisioning and Analytics at Pegasystems, said:

Always-On Insights helps brands easily capture and curate first-party data sources and immediately put those insights to work – increasing the relevance of customer engagements to drive top-line growth while optimizing efficiency to secure bottom-line profitability.

Currently, many companies struggle to convert data into engagement cost-effectively and compliantly. Indeed, most leverage cookies to harness third-party data and combine it with slowly compiled first-party data to engage various segments of customers.

Unfortunately, this fails to mold CX around the individual, and such tactics will soon fall by the wayside as cookies face the exit door in 2023.

To stay ahead of the curve, brands must seamlessly gather first-party data and utilize it to deliver the fast-paced experiences that customers demand. Always-On Insights aims to fill this void.

Building on this point, Bill Bruno, CEO of Celebrus, said:

To remain competitive, brands need the ability to drive relevant decisions via any channel across the entire customer journey. If they don’t, they risk alienating and frustrating customers.

“Pega and Celebrus are bringing a unique solution to the market – leveraging real-time customer data and identity solutions to recommend outreach specific to individual customers’ needs, resulting in more effective, targeted interactions that drive results.”

Doing so without third-party data is rare. Yet, the solution captures consent-based first-party data from digital signals – including browsing behavior and mobile activity – to uncover insights into behavioral trends, intent, and sentiment.

From this real-time identity and context, the tool makes instant outreach recommendations. For example, suppose the signals suggest a customer is unhappy and at-risk. In that case, the it may recommend an outbound call to rebuild the relationship or automate a special discount to the customer.

The tool integrates into most CCaaS environments and automates proactive, hyper-personalized messaging through various digital channels, alongside the company website and app.

Such an offering comes after Pegasystems announced new automated contact center coaching capabilities, as the vendor strives to differentiate itself through AI innovation.



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