Press Ganey to Acquire Forsta and Accelerate Healthcare Innovation

Charlie Mitchell

The deal aims to empower healthcare providers with new insights into patient experiences

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Press Ganey to Acquire Forsta and Accelerate Healthcare Innovation

Press Ganey has announced plans to acquire Forsta, a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Voice of the Customer.

The acquisition will support Press Ganey, the healthcare experience analytics stalwart, in its mission to accelerate innovation across the global healthcare industry.

Discussing how, Patrick T. Ryan, Chairman and CEO at Press Ganey, says:

Our unparalleled excellence in healthcare consulting, and proprietary data and analytics, will soon be infused with even more innovation and speed by Forsta’s world-class experience and research technology platform.

The innovations that Forsta bring to the table include tools to gather, analyse, and anticipate customer needs. From quantitative and qualitative data capture to advanced analytics and visualisations, Forsta provides these capabilities in one connected ecosystem.

Press Ganey also offers a fully integrated platform, which aims to enable healthcare providers to transform data into actionable insights. By merging the solutions, Press Ganey further enhances its capability to do so and improve patient experiences on a global scale.

Over time, the platform will become increasingly advanced as the Forsta team enjoy new access to investment and growth opportunities that will enhance its ability to innovate.

Such an opportunity to innovate around the patient experience excites Kyle Ferguson, CEO at Forsta. He says:

Press Ganey was the first company to truly recognize and respond to the importance of Patient Experience, and the company continues to lead innovation in the field.

“I’m excited to join forces with such a forward-thinking, highly respected company and eager for the benefits this investment will bring to our customers,” he concludes.

The shared insights available through the solutions of both providers will bolster the 476 million patient engagements that Press Ganey manage every year.

Yet, there are many more exciting innovations to come, including a voice emotion analysis feature, which Press Garney is likely to soon integrate into its product suite.



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