ReTell Launches Sense Lite Recording Solution

Rebekah Carter

ReTell responds to requests with Sense Lite

ReTell Launches Sense Lite Recording Solution

Provider of award-winning call recording solutions, ReTell, has responded to growing demands from channel resellers and end-users with the Sense Lite solution. This service, which is compliant with PCI-DSS, MiFID II, and GDPR allows smaller companies to store, record, and encrypt calls for 8 SIP channels. As the demands for digital transformation and flexibility in UC solutions grow, end-users no longer want to be tied to a single comms provider.

However, many companies in the professional services environment, who need to store calls for up to 7 years, is that they can struggle to take calls with them in an encrypted state if they switch VoIP provider. Fortunately, Sense Lite uses a mini PC to run recording software and hold record calls in a compliant state outside of the VoIP or SIP services. This is an ideal way to add value for both current SIP users, and people looking to switch to SIP.

Supporting the Move to SIP

According to the CEO of ReTell, Neville Bird, the demand for more cloud-based recording solutions, particularly for businesses that need to adhere to regulations, is taking time to penetrate the industry. A major factor slowing companies down is the confidence in the security of cloud services. A further issue for many small businesses is the cost of call recording on-premises.

ReTell has spoken with various end-users to determine what they need from a call recording solution, and the company has now responded with Sense Lite. ReTell can now offer a flexible and low-cost solution that addresses the needs of businesses in many sectors, including retail and professional services. ReTell has been offering call recording solutions for more than 30 years, and the Sense Pay Secure product helps to protect calls for phone payments too.

The Sense Lite offering is the first release of a comprehensive refresh of the ReTell portfolio in 2020. The new product roadmap includes virtualised recording and cloud call recording, as well as mobile recording features.

Updating the Product Portfolio

Derek Smith

Derek Smith

Recording in the communication landscape is crucial, however, end-users need to abide by stricter regulations and protect more data than ever, pushing ReTell to innovate even further. According to the UK Product Manager for ReTell, Derek Smith, the Sense Lite option is a fully-compliant and low-cost solution built on quality call recording tools.

Now, it’s easier than ever for clients to record, store and manage their calls in a way that is fully compliant. Sense Lite comes with all the features that users would expect when viewing live calls, managing their calls, and generating information reports. Feedback has been very good during the trial period. Sense Lite which will be available in general release this month, February 2020. The product is available for a price of £999 for a hardware solution and the lifetime software license. There’s also a subscription option available, which includes remote support.


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