Ribbon Communications and Numonix Collaborate on Teams

Rebekah Carter

Ribbon and Numonix join forces on Microsoft Teams recording

Ribbon Communications and Numonix Collaborate on Teams

Numonix, the developer of versatile recording solutions for Unified Communications, recently joined forces with Ribbon Communications. Ribbon, the real-time communication software, and network solutions expert will be working with Numonix on a seamless interaction recording experience for Microsoft Teams users with Ribbon Session Border Controller (Software edition) and IXCloud.

Numonix IXCloud and the Ribbon SBC provides customers with a robust and affordable recording system for Microsoft Teams conversations. This solution will be vital in regulated industries that require automatic recording of all discussions.

According to Numonix CTO and CEO, Avi Margolin, companies in regulated industries will need to automatically record all communications, whether on-site or remote. Ribbon SBC and IXCloud offer a robust, affordable, and compliant solution.

Convenient Microsoft Teams Recording

The seamless connection between Ribbon’s Microsoft-ready SBC and the IXCloud technology means that Teams users can get up and running fast, with support to record video, audio, and screens. The collaboration with Numonix is a brilliant example of the support that Microsoft Teams can provide. Ribbon offers one of the most extensive portfolios for Microsoft solutions in the space.

The newly integrated Microsoft Teams offering comes with a range of benefits, including a fully-managed and native design for Azure Software-as-a-Service. Other benefits include:

  • Microsoft compliant recording
  • Ability to record video, audio, and screens
  • GDPR, HIPAA, and MiFID II compliance
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Zero software or hardware required on-premises
  • Microsoft SBC for Teams direct routing
  • No server management or maintenance required in the organisation
  • Endless scalability for business growth
  • Secure data storage in more than 15 Azure data centres

A Powerful Solution for Digital Employees

As companies continue to move into a new digital work environment, this new integration will be a powerful tool for business leaders. The IXCloud for Microsoft Teams will give companies a cloud-based recording solution built on Microsoft Azure’s runtime service. This ensures instant scaling, security, and integrity.

At the same time, Ribbon Communications Microsoft Teams SBC makes it easier for businesses from all environments to leverage the full benefits of Microsoft Teams for their team, whether they’re supporting remote or in-office employees. Benefits like the opportunity to access these solutions as a fully-managed and native service mean that companies of all sizes can unlock the true potential of Microsoft Teams. There’s no server management requirements or complex hardware or software to worry about on the user end.

According to Executive Vice President of Sales for the Ribbon Americas region, Julio Villafañe, this integration of the Microsoft SBC with IXCloud will get more teams recording with compliance in no time. It’s another excellent example of the class-leading support that both companies offer for Microsoft Teams.


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