Win Over Customers With the Unexpected

While SMBs may lack the resources to compete with big business, their agility allows them to offer something different

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Win Over Customers With the Unexpected
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Published: December 9, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

Large enterprises spend millions trying to attract customers, only to spend millions turning them away in the contact centre. Here lies an opportunity for SMBs. 

After all, beyond the numbers on dashboards wait restless human customers with real problems.  

Yet, big business often forgets this, serving up call containment strategies that offer little chance of escape, disconnected bots, and wait times swirling out of control. 

By going against the grain, SMBs can seize the chance to strengthen relationships, cross-sell, and upsell – without adding to operational costs.  

Here is how they can do precisely that, stand apart from more prominent businesses, and impress customers with the unexpected. 

Don’t Let Lost Customers Slip Through the Net

Like most CX strategies, this starts with data. Of course, most SMBs cannot afford a large-scale analytics system, or the resource to mine the data. Yet, there are niftier insights engines that these businesses can utilise 

Akixi is a prime example, offering SMBs an easily customisable analytics tool that does not require resident teams of data analysts to uncover insights. 

With the solution, businesses can track more than 400 metrics and 20 reports, with one of those being a lost call report. This report can help SMBs deliver the unexpected. 

Indeed, by tracking people who abandon before speaking to someone, SMBs can attempt to recapture lost callers, adding call-backs into daily workflows.  

“Get a second chance to make a positive first impression,” says Colin Gill, Head of Product and Solutions at Akixi.  

Seize these call-back opportunities, surprise customers who are used to being ignored by big businesses, and use your agility to win and retain customers.

Moreover, with Akixi, brands can prioritise the most urgent and possibly lucrative conversations, with complete visibility over missed calls in real-time.  

Leaders can then add those with the most potential value to call schedules in the quietest times of the day, which Akixi will also spotlight.  

While this strategy has a cost aspect, it paves the way for competitive differentiation. 

In addition, as one-third of SMBs say serving more customers is the primary goal behind their current technology spend – according to Gartner – this opens up an opportunity to achieve that.  

A More Memorable Customer Experience

Recapturing lost calls enables more profound experiences. As Leah Leachman, Director, CX Analyst, and Product Leader at Gartner, states:  

Offer help at meaningful moments across your customer’s end-to-end journey, and they will thank you for it.

Perhaps there is no more meaningful moment than a human interaction. After all, most customers will only reach out when they’ve grown tired of searching the company’s website.  

Miss their call too, and the bad experience becomes worse. Many will quit the business. 

Yet, by reaching out and offering support at the most helpless of moments, SMBs can save the experience. As Leachman suggests, they’ll likely “thank you for it” too. 

How? Through extended loyalty and perhaps more business.  

Indeed, there is significant power in the unexpected. In this age where big businesses turn customers away from the contact centre, a call-back is novel and will stick in the minds of customers. 

Leaving such a mark on the customer is potentially prosperous from a CX perspective. 

After all, as prominent industry influencer Colin Shaw says: “We do not choose between experiences; we choose between our memory of the experience.”

Every Call Counts

“Every call counts,” concludes Gill. “Perhaps it’s a chance to generate loyalty by solving an issue or the start of a sales conversation. Whatever the case, each customer brings value to the table.”  

With real-time lost-call insights, SMBs can become more intelligent around customer contact and harness their agility to maximize the value of those engagements. 

Enter Akixi. It supports SMBs in harnessing their agility to kickstart such a strategy while isolating meaningful trends and patterns.  

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