Worthix Unveils Advanced AI Customer Insight Capabilities 

Carly Read
Senior Reporter

Worthix 2.0 Platform helps extract advanced data  

Worthix Unveils Advanced AI Customer Insight Capabilities 

Worthix today announced the availability of Worthix 2.0, a new platform with advanced features – including the Worthix Decision Lab – that enables companies to identify the elements of an experience, external influences and mechanisms, such as social proof, to pinpoint the exact moment and reason behind a purchase decision. 

Worthix is the first and only AI-based customer intelligence platform to power one-on-one conversations in any language and at any scale, in order to identify the reasons behind a purchase decision.  

Unlike other intelligence companies that use lengthy, outdated survey methodologies, Worthix uses conversations to empathetically connect with customers one-on-one and adapt to focus on what they care most about as the dialogue progresses.  

By prioritizing the customer voice, Worthix quickly uncovers the drivers behind what makes a purchase decision “worth it” to customers. Worthix then delivers rich, actionable customer insights that enable brands to rank their top investment priorities and provide a universally positive experience to customers in any location around the world.

With the Worthix 2.0 platform, companies can obtain deeper, more nuanced customer data and generate critical insights at the speed of market change, through the use of new features including the Worthix Decision Lab dashboard; competitor insights; an updated interface, graphs and charts; advanced NLP technology and more.  

Guilherme Cerqueira, CEO and Co-founder, Worthix, said: “With global markets undergoing change at a pace unprecedented even a year ago, companies have never had a greater need for dependable data on what’s really driving their customers’ purchases, and corresponding insights around the most business-critical actions to take and when in order to stay competitive. 

“The new capabilities we’re delivering with the Worthix 2.0 Platform will allow companies to reach a new level of engagement with their customers and identify what elements of the customer experience make the greatest impact. Aligning their investment priorities to customers’ needs will help companies reach higher levels of overall business success.” 

Customer decisions are the ultimate market disruptors, and with a rapidly changing economy, the only way for companies to stay competitive is to develop a data-driven, real-time understanding of what’s driving these decisions.  

This feat becomes increasingly more complicated for global companies, who need to understand the unique influences behind the purchasing decisions of thousands or even millions of customers across individual regions (while taking into account the nuances of their cultures and languages).  

A common solution has been for companies to leverage survey technology to engage with and ask questions to their customers. However, the intelligence derived from this kind of quantitative research is limited and can often be misguided, as companies tend to confine potential responses to what matters to them.  

This inside-out approach can lead to an incomplete or skewed perspective of what customers really care about. They’re also limited in speed, scope and cost-effectiveness, leading companies to dwindle their resources on limited returns. 



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