Join our Webinar – Plotting Your AI-Powered Contact Centre Strategy

Join CX Today's Rob Scott and Five9's Chief Technology Officer and Head of AI, Jonathan Rosenberg, in our upcoming live webinar

Plotting Your AI-Powered Contact Centre Strategy
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Last Edited: May 15, 2023

Rob Scott

Rob Scott

Join CX Today’s Rob Scott and Five9’s Chief Technology Officer and Head of AI, Jonathan Rosenberg, in our upcoming live webinar, “Plotting Your AI-Powered Contact Centre Strategy,” on Thursday, May 25, 2023, at 1:00 PM BST.

In this session, we will address the challenges and opportunities for contact centers in 2023, with a focus on AI and Generative AI capabilities.

The webinar will begin with an interactive audience poll, where participants will share their biggest concerns, such as agent experience, productivity, operational agility, customer experience/CSAT, and cost reduction.

We will then delve into the changing landscape of consumer engagement, exploring if their confidence in digital and automated channels is still growing and if the channels of choice are expanding or optimizing.

The session will also cover how to understand AI and Generative AI capabilities and value, including navigating and evaluating vendor solutions, and measuring ROI on new CX technology investments.

We will also conduct a second interactive poll to gauge where attendees are on their AI journey, with options ranging from discovery stage to successful deployment.

In the final segment, we will provide practical guidance on getting started with AI in the contact center. This includes exploring common use cases for (Generative) AI, building a business case, determining when to get started, and identifying the buying committee and necessary skills and experience.

This webinar is ideal for contact center leaders, IT professionals, and anyone interested in improving their customer experience through the power of AI.

Register now to reserve your spot and gain valuable insights into plotting your AI-powered contact center strategy.

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