The Agent Engagement Summit: A Contact Center Event That Puts People First

Tired of contact center events that always touch upon the same topics? The Agent Engagement Summit offers something different

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The Agent Engagement Summit A Contact Center Event That Puts People First - CX Today News
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Published: September 8, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Contact center events often swirl into a pool of sameness.

The AI hyperbole, the humdrum of cloud benefits, and the hoopla of ambitious CX theory make critical learnings tricky to come by.

What’s more, entire events often skew towards customer experience or technology.

As a result, there are typically very few tangible tips, tricks, and strategies that contact center leaders can glean and implement from the moment they leave the event.

EvaluAgent aims to change that by launching the inaugural Agent Engagement Summit.

Welcome to The Agent Engagement Summit

While there are many events, expos, and conferences that contact center leaders can wedge into their jam-packed diaries, few stand out.

EvaluAgent strives to buck that trend with a virtual event that puts people first.

Taking place on Wednesday, October 4, The Agent Engagement Summit foregrounds the idea that agents are the beating heart of every contact center operation.

Moreover, James Marscheider, Chief Commercial Officer at EvaluAgent, promises: “It’s not your generic, virtual contact center event. It’s agent-first, and we’re striving to present it in a punchy, impactful, and enjoyable way.”

Of course, there is a tech element. After all, ensuring agents have and buy-into technology that’ll make their working lives much simpler is critical to their engagement.

Yet, there is much more to it than that. Marscheider stresses:

The goal is that everyone who joins – for one session or the entirety of The Summit – will learn something.

That theme of inclusivity spreads across the entirety of the event, as EvaluAgent even plans to bridge time zones.

Indeed, the 2pm (BST) start time allows people in the US to enjoy the sessions while taking their first sips of morning coffee. Meanwhile, Indian viewers can put their feet up after a long day at the office and uncover fresh insights for themselves.

What to Look Out for

Martin Teasdale, Host of the Get out of Wrap podcast, will present The Agent Engagement Summit, ensuring an energetic audience filled with members of his vibrant customer service community.

Those lucky attendees may dip in and out of many action-packed sessions, which EvaluAgent has crammed into three and a half hours of contact center fun. That includes:

  • Keynote speeches that cover performance management strategies that actually work.
  • Focused breakout sessions that cover the aspects of agent engagement you care about most.
  • A panel discussion that connects the dots between CX gains and an agent-first strategy.
  • ‍Opportunities to network with fellow contact center leaders.

Interested attendees can view the full agenda here. Yet, Marscheider handpicks some standout sessions that have captured the imagination of the agent-centric organizations already set to attend.

Peter Ryan, Principal Analyst at Ryan Strategic Advisory, leads one such session that will deep dive into how contact centers can shift their focus to empowering agents and ensuring career development.

Katie Stabler, Director of Customer Experience at CULTIVATE Customer Experience by Design, will also take to the virtual stage to discuss how service teams can design an agent gamification program that improves crucial CX and business outcomes.

As a final example, Jaime Scott, CEO of EvaluAgent, plans to dissect how contact centers can leverage AI – including GenAI – to augment their agent experiences.

In teasing this final session, Marscheider adds: “There are a lot of new solutions labeled as “AI”, which aren’t actually AI: they’re algorithms. That’s misleading people.

We want to clear AI up, make crystal clear the art of what is possible, and ensure people understand what they’re buying.

Like inclusivity, the idea of presenting tangible yet powerful concepts will prove a common thread that runs through each presentation.

Don’t Miss Out! Book Your Spot at The Agent Engagement Summit

The Agent Engagement Summit promises to be a unique event in the contact center space.

To learn more, register, and commit to taking your agent experience to the next level, click here!

The opportunity to unpack a deep pool of powerful agent engagement insights awaits.


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