Welcome to the CX Festival: A Customer Experience Event Like No Other

Enjoy a professional conference with the context changed

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Published: July 17, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

This September, Brandenburg, Germany will host a CX event with a difference – it will actually be fun. 

At every CX event, most visitors will engage in a sub-conversation, asking: where will you be in the evening? That is what the attendees really get excited about. 

After all, they spend much of the day traveling, watching presentations, and avoiding salespeople who wish to lure them in with lanyards, lollipops, and pens.   

Of course, some may occasionally have a worthwhile conversation in a damp, dark corner of the multi-purpose convention hall. 

Meanwhile, the most worthwhile conversations often occur during networking drinks or the closing party. 

These more relaxed settings make for an environment where people feel comfortable talking about their work, exchanging experiences, and learning invaluable lessons.  

That principle laid the foundations for The CX Festival 

“When we first decided to run our own event, we got talking about past events that really stood out for us,” said Robert Cwicinski, CEO at Leafworks and Founder of The CX Festival 

“We realized, it’s the social elements that usually have the biggest impact. That’s where the relationships are made, and that’s what business runs on – relationships.

“So we’re doing a conference that’s also a party, a chance to meet people, to learn, and to make some memories too.” 

Introducing The CX Festival

The CX Festival is a professional conference with the context changed.  

Taking place in Brandenburg, Germany, from 8-10 September 2023, the event foregrounds the idea that a work summit should be… fun.   

Of course, it’s much more than fun alone. Over 25 CX practitioners will run seminars and workshops covering increasingly critical facets of customer experience. 

Yet, the overarching objective is not for the organizers to preach advice to attendees. Instead, it’s for everyone to educate one another.  

With that in mind, here is a little taster of what to expect from the event: 

📚 Learn from CX speakers who share their insights and tips.
🧠 Take part in interactive workshops to garner new skills and tactics to enhance your customer experience strategy.
👥 Meet and network with CX experts from many industries and backgrounds.
🎼 A supporting program with live music, wakeboarding, and festival vibes.
🍽️ Good food and drinks included in the ticket price! 

With this plan, The CX Festival offers a new opportunity for CX leaders, practitioners, and tech pros to immerse themselves in the world of customer experience.  

Delve a Little Deeper

The two-day, two-night event will feature hundreds of attendees from across Europe and 20+ speakers from some of the continent’s most familiar brands. 

Those speakers include CX specialists from high-profile retailers, insurers, media corps, and more.  

Leading vendors – including babelforce, Leafworks, Monday.com, and Zendesk – will also offer fresh perspectives into how service teams can overcome some of their most pressing problems. 

AI may offer many of the answers, and subject matter expert – Pierce Buckley, CEO of babelforce – will share his view of the ripest opportunities the tech offers contact centers. 

Meanwhile, Julian Hertzog, Head of Sales at babelforce, will take more of an expansive view into the blue skies and future of CX.  

Indeed, he will discuss how CX leaders can approach their work differently, professionalize themselves, and keep up with the new demands they face. 

This is only a taster of the sessions attendees can check out. And, any time they want a change of scene, there’s paddleboarding, volleyball, and yoga sessions available to refresh them. 

That is quite different from waiting around in the corner café, munching on a stale croissant. 

The aim is to create a dynamic and engaging experience for all. An experience that is perhaps only a couple of clicks away… 

Learn More and Sign Up Now!

The CX Festival provides the ultimate work event combination: professional development and fun.  

To learn more, grab your tickets, and experience an event like no other in the space, click here! 📌 

You can also follow the event on Linkedin and stay up to date here: https://lnkd.in/eDpVQnrJ📰 

The CX Festival in Brandenburg awaits! 🌅 🥳 

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