aytm Launches Automated Shelf Impact Testing Product

William Smith

The new Agile Shelf Test offering is intended to help brands simulate in-store and ecommerce shopping experiences

aytm Launches Automated Shelf Impact Testing Product

Consumer insights platform aytm has announced a new solution for automating shelf placement impact testing. 

The company offers an automated insights platform with survey design, predictive sampling, and analytics dashboards features. 

The new Agile Shelf Test offering is intended to help brands simulate in-store and ecommerce shopping experiences, to capture feedback from consumers about their shopping behaviour – without requiring real-world testing. aytm said the product would help speed up survey design and analysis. 

“For years now we’ve been listening closely to the industry, registering a lot of interest from our clients in automating shelf test in a purely quantitative way,” said Lev A. Mazin – CEO & Co-founder at aytm. “We’ve heard from quant experts that automating it will prove impossible. More recently, during the pandemic, we’ve seen an increased amount of logistical struggles in traditional, in-person qualitative shelf tests and decided to give it a try. 

The solution allows users to upload images, information and pricing about products which are rendered into shelf configurations – with a library of shelf configurations for stores including Target, Walmart and Costco. 

The offering also features an “auto-flow” mode which automatically sets product facings, as well as allowing researchers to specify their own logic. Questions addressed by analytics include purchasing intent, volume and amount, as well as attention span. 

“We put our heads together to design an Agile Shelf Test to solve the timely challenges of a moment, and to meet the timeless needs of a growing industry; to reimagine a tool that empowers insights seekers around the globe on their way to increasing the market share and optimising online and offline shopping experience,” said Lev A. Mazin. 

The product comes as brands continue to wake up to the need to maximise their use of consumer data to improve the customer experience. Despite that, a recent study found that up to 75% of customers do not think businesses are actioning their feedback. 



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