Qualtrics Debuts Brand Impact Simulator Solution

William Smith

The Qualtrics BrandXM feature helps companies prioritise brand attributes to win customers

Qualtrics Debuts Brand Impact Simulator Solution

Experience management and enterprise feedback platform provider Qualtrics has announced the introduction of a new brand impact simulator. 

The feature is part of Qualtrics’ BrandXM platform and allows marketers to identify opportunities to shift brand perception and acquire new customers. That’s accomplished via pinpointing the specific attributes and key messages that are most effective at winning new customers. 

The solution also allows for the targeting of specific metrics such as increased sales, membership growth, or higher web traffic, and relies on consumer feedback fathered across the Qualtrics platform. 

“Customers have more choices than ever before, and to remain competitive organisations need a new approach to brand experience to help them quickly adapt to the constantly changing preferences of consumers,” said Paul Sheets, Qualtrics general manager of BrandXM. “Brand Impact Simulator makes it easier than ever for brand and marketing leaders to quickly turn insight into action to strengthen their brands and accelerate customer acquisition.” 

Qualtrics’ other solutions identify metrics such as engagement, attrition, customer loyalty, satisfaction and spend across all channels and integrates with CRM and ticketing systems to trigger automatic actions. The company’s predictive intelligence AI engine iQ also helps uncover insights and predict outcomes from text and voice data, as well as featuring data analysis functionality. 

Qualtrics recently issued a study alongside theBoardlist which revealed how employees returning to the office want increased resources for mental health. 

“The past year has been tough on many levels. Our research shows that as a result, employees have changing expectations including in their jobs and priorities,” said Julia Anas, Chief People Officer, Qualtrics. “Whatever challenges companies may face as they begin to forge ahead with new work experiences, regularly connecting with employees, being open to input, understanding their needs, and acting on that feedback will be the key differentiator to creating a better environment for employees to thrive and succeed.” 



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