CX Case Study in Focus: PaySimple and Talkdesk

The financial services company teamed up Talkdesk to bolser CX

CX Case Study in Focus: PaySimple and Talkdesk
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Published: January 21, 2022

Rebekah Carter

Financial services companies, just like any business in the modern landscape, need to deliver amazing customer experiences to stay ahead of the competition. PaySimple, one of the leading flexible payment and billing solution providers, knows this better than most.

The company, responsible for supporting over 17,000 businesses each day, allows customers in the SMB landscape to manage and accept payments in a digital landscape. As the world becomes increasingly digitized, solutions like PaySimple can help endless business leaders to grow. However, the success of this brand relies on its ability to offer an exceptional customer experience.

PaySimple knows every minute companies aren’t able to serve their customers, they’re missing out on revenue, loyalty, and opportunities. To create the modern CX solution required to thrive in this competitive landscape, PaySimple turned to Talkdesk.

Implementing a New CX Solution

According to the Senior Operations Manager for PaySimple, Cassie Fish, the previous call centre solution leveraged by the company simply wasn’t living up to expectations. Agents were losing essential time, and customers weren’t getting the service they expected. The previous system was outdated and unreliable, not capable of offering the user-friendly experience the PaySimple agents needed. Furthermore, this technology was lacking in crucial tools.

PaySimple couldn’t use its old tech to track important business intelligence metrics, which meant making decisions about how to innovate in the business was notoriously difficult. According to Fish, the interface was complicated, call routing was difficult and contact centre efficiency suffered. The team regularly dealt with outages and couldn’t get the reporting functionality required to thrive. The only option was to explore something new.

In the hunt for a new CX solution for their financial services team, PaySimple decided to embrace a modern-day solution capable of meeting the expectations of current digitized companies with digital payments technologies. PaySimple wanted its call centre to automatically route calls intelligently to the right agents based on skill sets and queue status. Additionally, the company wanted the peace of mind of continuous uptime and opportunities to monitor live calls for improved customer experiences.

The ideal contact centre, according to PaySimple, would include a host of solutions to optimize customer experience, including a VIP line, reliable call transferring and conference calling. PaySimple also wanted documentation on updates and insights into Salesforce information.

Choosing Talkdesk for CX Innovation

Exploring several contact centre solutions, PaySimple eventually narrowed its choices to Talkdesk, and NewVocieMedia from Vonage. Finally, the company turned to Talkdesk because they preferred its interface and focus on implementing new technology as quickly and consistently as possible.

The ability to integrate Talkdesk for Salesforce was also important for PaySimple. According to Fish, the previous solution did enable screen pops with Salesforce, but that was it. The prior system also didn’t improve the software or product offering beyond allowing the company to make calls. Talkdesk for Salesforce enables reporting and analytics within the Salesforce environment, offering managers a quick and simple way to access data without needing to log into a new system and wait for reports.

Additionally, the PaySimple team was also able to log calls from multiple avenues and create new cases for follow up from voicemails, allowing for a more streamlined contact centre experience for the entire team. Now, PaySimple can even assign cases to specific customer care team members through Talkdesk. This allows the staff members in question to have the information they need to serve a customer with a personalised experience, through access to data in Salesforce.

To improve their chances of reaching their goals for the benefit of customer service, PaySimple also integrated Slack and Talkdesk’s Queue callback functionality. The customer success team received notifications for missed calls and customers leaving voicemails. In the past, these messages were frequently missed. Now, PaySimple isn’t missing out on any essential opportunities to provide exceptional customer service.

PaySimple is also leveraging the Talkdesk queue callback functionality to offer customers the support they need without requiring them to hold in a queue. After all, in today’s competitive CX landscape, customers aren’t willing to simply wait around in a queue.

Achieving Returns on Investment

To stay ahead of the curve in a competitive landscape like financial services, companies such as PaySimple need to make sure they’re implementing the right tools for customer support and service. Within a few months of switching to the Talkdesk ecosystem, PaySimple was able to reduce its call abandonment rates from 12% to only 5.5%.

If this wasn’t impressive enough, the company also saw significantly reduced hold times, while Net Promoter Score improved significantly. Agent productivity also increased, demonstrating the ability of agents in the team to perform better with access to the right technology. Now that call centre agents didn’t have to log every call individually, they could serve an estimated 30 minutes per day.

Access to better reporting tools was extremely valuable for PaySimple too. The implemented solutions for metric visibility allowed PaySimple more insight into the customer experience it provides in the call centre.

Notably, as one of the leading innovators in financial services for businesses today, PaySimple also expects the needs of its company and customers will continue to evolve in the years ahead. This is one of the reasons why the company chose to work with Talkdesk after considering various options. The dedication of Talkdesk to constantly innovating and offering new technology was crucial to PaySimple’s plans for ongoing success.

In the future, PaySimple plans to provide an extended range of customer service options and hours. The company also anticipates using more of the Talkdesk ecosystem to increase support for remote workers. Being able to scale in crucial areas such as this will be much simpler with the unique support the Talkdesk flexible ecosystem can offer.

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