How Is Genesys Building Towards a Better Future?

Charlie Mitchell

A new Genesys report highlights how it is progressing towards carbon neutrality, sustainability, and diversity goals

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How Is Genesys Building Towards a Better Future?

In 2021, Genesys released its inaugural sustainability report, establishing goals to build a better, more sustainable future.

By 2030, the prominent CCaaS provider aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Become carbon neutral
  • Positively impact one million lives
  • Have a workforce as diverse as the markets where we work

Supporting its clients in moving away from on-premise solutions is critical to achieving the first goal, allowing Genesys to work with its clients remotely to bolster their solutions.

To accelerate the pace of these migrations, the vendor is partnering with businesses across the world, reducing emissions created by legacy systems by over 80 percent.

Notably, over 90 percent of its new bookings in the fiscal year 2022 come from its cloud portfolio, an increasing number that is keeping the company on track to meet its carbon goals.

Other carbon reducing initiatives include investing in eco-friendly travel, adding environmentally friendly features to its workspace, and advancing sustainable procurement.

Overall, its work has contributed to a 22 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions year-over-year.

Discussing the vendor’s progress towards its goals, Bridgette McAdoo, Global Sustainability Officer at Genesys, said:

Every Genesys employee, regardless of level or location, has ownership of our path to a more sustainable future. Together, we’re committed to embedding sustainability into the core of our business to be a catalyst for the change we hope to see in the world.

To achieve its other sustainability objectives, Genesys clearly lays out its approach:

  • Use our products for good in crisis communication and suicide prevention
  • Engage our employees to continue to be the employer of choice
  • Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in our workforce and supply chain

So far, this strategy appears to be bearing fruit, with Genesys revealing that after only 12 months, it has “positively impacted” 244,000 lives.

In addition, 22 percent of its US employees are now from underrepresented groups, up from 20 percent in 2021. Meanwhile, women now hold 28 percent of all leadership roles within the company, an increase of three percent from the same period last year.

Such statistics show that Genesys is on its way to achieving its goal, which is to “mitigate our impact on the planet and amplify our positive impact in the world.”

Its final objective also speaks to this aim, as the vendor strives to help clients maximize data availability and ensure compliance.

To do this, Genesys claims that it prioritizes customer privacy and security, maintains the 24/7 availability of products, and adheres to high ethics and anti-corruption standards.

Already, the vendor has accomplished 99 percent availability and 100 percent compliance.

These positive results highlight the commitment of Genesys to build towards a better future but also help to differentiate the company, which recently secured its “largest deal” ever.



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