Listen Closely: Strengthening Brand Loyalty with Conversation Intelligence

Learn how to harness the power of customer conversations to improve marketing effectiveness and drive business value

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Listen Closely: Strengthening Brand Loyalty with Conversation Intelligence
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Published: May 11, 2022

Sandra Radlovački

Sandra Radlovački

According to Gartner, only 14% of organisations have managed to achieve a 360-degree view of the customer. With customer experience being one of the top priorities for organisations worldwide, the ability to know what customers think about your brand has gone way beyond asking questions.

In order to meet evolving expectations, brands need to acquire customer feedback regularly and thoroughly. This could be in relation to how effective marketing campaigns are, proactively understanding potential brand issues and crises, and more.

In the era of AI, we are seeing more solutions aimed at achieving just that – uncovering insights about customers without having to ask them directly or intrusively. It is predicted that by 2025, 60% of organisations will be able to know more about what their customers think by analysing voice and text interactions than by conducting surveys.

Indeed, AI-powered solutions that deal with customer conversations – also known as conversation intelligence – are much more efficient in compiling conversation data and drawing insights from it than surveys alone.

When this type of solution is combined with other structured data, like surveys and CRM data, brands can unlock vast amounts of customer intelligence that can help them make better marketing decisions, curate their marketing campaigns, and ultimately deliver higher business results.

Get into your customers’ heads

For a long time, the primary ways to find out what customers think about your brand were employing surveys or manually reviewing customer interactions. Unsurprisingly, both are very limited, ineffective and draining for contact centre agents, who are often the only brand voice that customers know.

Brand value, loyalty and fidelity are among an organisation’s most valuable assets, as it embodies both the image that the company is portraying and the consumers’ opinions about it. Understanding consumer sentiment may help organisations see themselves from their customers’ eyes and immediately improve the areas that have negatively impacted the brand. But how can companies analyse so much structured and unstructured data in almost real-time to be able to make changes instantly?

Conversation intelligence solutions enable marketing leaders and their teams to gain unsolicited customer feedback and truly understand what customers like and dislike about a brand, its products, its services and more. They can also figure out how well frontline teams represent the brand.

Commenting on the power of conversation intelligence, Eric Williamson, CallMiner’s CMO, said: “One of the most powerful, untapped tools for marketers is unsolicited feedback. There’s no shortage of that type of feedback these days. Conversation intelligence platforms can help teams derive contextual meaning on top of what is actually being said. These insights can inform your strategy and provide a deeper picture of your customers’ perception of your brand.”

The sophisticated technology behind conversation intelligence captures 100% of unstructured data from customer interactions – including calls, emails, and chats – and matches it with structured metadata. This data contains all the interaction details, such as the length of the call, the time of the day it occurred, caller info, speed of speech, and others.

Another key feature of conversation intelligence is its ability to make emotion a metric. Brands can analyse speech tempo, agitation, and silence within a call, to see how customers truly feel, detecting issues before they become problems and successfully plan out their strategy for the future.

Drive value across the entire enterprise

Conversation intelligence solutions allow brands to capture and analyse every customer interaction on any channel and get a clear picture of what customers think and need. The insights received from these tools may help drive better business decisions enterprise-wide.

Sales, product, and marketing departments can all gain from customer insights and use them to improve their future actions. Responsible for an organisation’s brand and market perception, marketing teams can leverage customer data to craft more compelling mailers and advertisements and enable customers to benefit from the brand’s deals. Consistent consumer sentiment tracking enables marketers to fine-tune their marketing language and tailor messages to their customers’ liking.

Further, suppose a brand crisis arises. In that case, marketing teams can better understand how that situation is impacting customer sentiment, whether it’s causing customers to churn or even if customers are more frequently mentioning competitors. These insights can inform how brands respond to crises, such as the internal and external messaging they deliver.

From capturing customers’ emotions to tracking every chat and email, conversation intelligence can reveal a wealth of customer insights, improve decision-making across the entire enterprise and help organisations achieve their CX potential. By employing the right solution, businesses can strengthen customers’ brand loyalty and create longer-lasting relationships.

To learn more about how to harness the power of customer conversations to improve marketing effectiveness and drive real business value, check out CallMiner’s whitepaper: “The CMO’s Guide to Brand Loyalty and Value”.


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