Travel CX Case Study: Salesforce and British Airways

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Travel CX Case Study Salesforce and British Airways - CX Today News
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Published: May 16, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Becoming a market leader in the customer experience landscape requires businesses to consistently look for new ways to engage and delight their audience. As customer expectations continue to evolve, brands are under increasing pressure to stay on the cutting edge.  

British Airways, a leading travel company from the UK, carries more than 40 million customers per year to their desired destinations, while also constantly addressing concerns, queries, and questions presented by their customers. To develop deeper relationships with their consumers, British Airways International leveraged the Salesforce CRM landscape, to unlock new insights and data.  

Here’s what happened when British Airways invested in the Salesforce ecosystem 

Enhancing the Sales and Service Landscape 

British Airways International serves a variety of consumers, from everyday travel fans to Business professionals. As part of its growth plan, the company believes in the importance of delivering personalized, engaging experiences to each market segment. With Salesforce, the company was able to create a centralized sales planning and operation environment, where users could more effectively leverage customer data for improved interactions.  

The Salesforce ecosystem and the Sales Cloud has enabled British Airways to reduce some of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks distracting their workforce. The “digital platform”, as it is referred to by the company, ensures employees can plan, collaborate, and execute deals in the same, informative environment.  

Additionally, Salesforce Community Cloud has given the organization an opportunity to streamline interactions with clients, through self-service options. According to the brand, the Community cloud has reduced the time for publishing new far options from two weeks to 72 hours. It has also empowered travel management companies to manage their own offers more effectively.  

The Salesforce ecosystem is even helping the company to make the most out of the customer data it captures. Revenue streams, pending deals, and call volumes can all be tracked in the same environment, offering comprehensive visibility into risks and opportunities across the landscape. 

Creating a More Efficient Workforce 

The B2B focused arm of the British Airways brand has discovered a multitude of ways to implement the technology offered by Salesforce into its daily workflows. The end-to-end platform has provided the company with a level of visibility and agility they couldn’t achieve before. According to the brand, with Salesforce, the team can now check in an instant whether an individual’s ADPs align with business strategies, and pinpoint opportunities for growth.  

Salesforce has also helped to boost collaboration among the British Airways team, through the use of Chatter groups. These groups are bringing colleagues together from around the world, to ensure they can centrally manage accounts in one environment, regardless of where they are.  

Plus, British Airways has also integrated Salesforce with its deal modelling platform and data warehouse, as well as various AppExchange tools for contract management and authorization. Overall, the collection of products available rom Salesforce has helped British Airways to maximize productivity and efficiency, while building better experiences for customers.  

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