Bluedot Releases Web-Based Order Pickup Check-In Platform

William Smith

The technology is part of a broader trend for curbside order pickups motivated by COVID-19

Bluedot Releases Web-Based Order Pickup Check-In Platform

Location technology platform Bluedot has announced a new solution for personalised customer arrival services. 

The company offers a suite of solutions for check-ins for orders and contactless curbside pickups. Bluedot Wave is an API endpoint allowing customers to easily notify staff of arrivals, while its Hello Screens serve as dashboards for in-store teams to be alerted of customer arrivals at drive-thrus, click and collect locations or stores. 

Its new offering, Now Ready, is a web-based tool operating on customer-facing screens, allowing customers to signal they are ready upon arrival. 

“In the world of all things customer arrival focused, we asked ourselves what would make curbside pickup ubiquitous and easy to use,” Bluedot CMO Judy Chan told us. “We’ve painstakingly designed our arrival toolkit to require minimal effort on the part of the brand and store staff, providing an end-to-end pickup experience.”

“Bluedot Now Ready is a series of customer-facing screens that allow customers to notify staff that they are on-site and ready for a pickup. Complimenting Bluedot Now Ready, Hello Screens are staff-facing dashboards that can display customer updates coming from Now Ready. Both tools are web-based and accessed via a link, providing brands the flexibility to decide which omnichannel they want to utilise for the pickup experience.”

That serves a rapidly growing consumer preference for pickups driven by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Research from Medallia Zingle, COVID-19 & the Future of Commerce, found 87% of consumers thought brands should continue to offer options reducing the need for in-person visits such as curbside pickup. 

“Customer expectations for fast, hassle-free pickup of online orders is only increasing, yet not every customer wants to download a mobile app. In a highly competitive environment, a consistent customer experience from order to pickup is crucial. That includes getting the arrival experience right whether an order is received via mobile app, website or even text,” said Emil Davityan, co-founder and CEO of Bluedot 

“The combination of Hello Screens, Wave, and Now Ready provides a complete end-to-end arrival solution that uniquely enables brands to deliver a frictionless, first-class arrival experience the moment customers pull into a curbside space, walk into a store, or enter the drive-thru — no matter how an order is placed.” 

Earlier this year, the company partnered with AI retail technology company Adeptmind on digitising physical shopping experiences with solutions such as instant access to inventory from multiple retailers and pickup in once curbside location. 

“Merging online and offline shopping to create a single end-to-end omnichannel solution is the answer for mall operators as they compete with Amazon, especially during the holiday shopping season. It achieves the best of both worlds, online shopping with instant delivery by way of extremely convenient curbside pickup,” said Emil Davityan at the time. 



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