Raydiant, Walls.io Partner on Physical Social Media Walls

William Smith

The customisable social media walls are intended to boost customer engagement and brand loyalty in bricks-and-mortar locations

Raydiant, Walls.io Partner on Physical Social Media Walls

Digital signage company Raydiant is partnering with social media content solution provider Walls.io on physical social media walls. 

The customisable social media walls are intended to boost customer engagement and brand loyalty in bricks-and-mortar locations by automatically aggregating content from a brand’s social media content across a range of social platforms. The walls can further be customised with company logos and branding, as well as showing specific hashtags or keywords. 

“Our customers are always looking for ways to elevate the in-store customer experience, especially right now when the pandemic has brought a lot of challenges to brick and mortars. We’re constantly hearing from our customers that they’re looking for ways to draw more foot traffic into their locations, and bridge the gap between their online and offline presence,” said Raydiant CEO Bobby Marhamat“Walls social walls answer both challenges, helping brands create fun, interactive in-location experiences that engage and delight customers, bringing them back for more.” 

Moderation capabilities include filtering and blocking certain users, phrases, spam, and other content either manually or in an automated fashion. 

“We know Raydiant’s reputation for creating engaging customer experiences through their digital signage and multi-purpose platform,” said Michael Kamleitner, CEO of Walls.io. “Integrating Walls into the Raydiant platform makes perfect sense. They’re both easy-to-use, yet impactful platforms designed to attract and engage customers through highly visual, fully immersive experiences.” 

Raydiant recently partnered with Talkdesk to offer the latter firm’s cloud contact centre customers access to the Hoopla performance-driving platform, which uses data to run automatic competitions to improve productivity. 

“Hoopla by Raydiant is a game-changing tool for contact centers. In this competitive talent marketplace, employees are reevaluating their jobs in terms of professional fulfillment. Companies can’t afford to ignore this need at a time where millions of workers are quitting their jobs to look for better opportunities,” said Bobby Marhamat 

“Hoopla’s motivational platform gives employees the ability to showcase their talents, grow their marketable skills and get celebrated for their successes. For contact centers, this means less turnover, a more engaged and goal-oriented workforce and the data accessibility needed to make informed business decisions.”



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