Scantrust, ePAC Partner on Connected Goods Offering

William Smith

ePacConnect flexible packages serve as online gateways for consumer engagement

Scantrust, ePAC Partner on Connected Goods Offering

Connected packaging firm Scantrust has selected flexible packaging company ePAC as the technology provider for a new connected packaging offering. 

EPacConnect flexible packages features Scantrust QR codes printed onto the packaging, turning them into online gateways with connected packaging features including consumer engagement and anti-counterfeit. 

ePac CMO Carl Joachim said: “We’ve been working with Scantrust for some time now to develop and market a connected packaging solution that is scalable from small brands to large CPGs. What’s great about working with Scantrust is that they too operate globally, and share our commitment to helping small and medium sized businesses compete and grow. We already have a number of customers in the US and Europe using the solution”.   

The offering is intended to help small businesses access packaging technologies such as variable data printing (VDP), serialisation, and anti-counterfeit features more commonly used by large consumer packaged goods firms – with ePacConnect focused on removing cost and order requirement barriers. 

“We’re excited to work with ePac, as they’re clearly leading the digital revolution in flexible packaging. We saw great synergies between our two companies from the start. With this partnership, we’re able to bring Scantrust’s advanced connected goods solutions to brands of all sizes at-scale,” said Nathan Anderson, Scantrust CEO 

“This will enable more meaningful connections with their customers, and empower people to be able to trust the source, safety, and integrity of the products in their life, while also increasing supply chain visibility.” 

Last year, Scantrust partnered with supply chain transparency platform Sourcemap on offering supply chain information via QR codes, as well as NFC and RFID options. 

“The trends we’ve seen accelerating around consumer expectations for environmental sustainability, traceability, trust, and consumer engagement will not reverse, they will only continue to accelerate,” said Nathan Anderson.  

“Forward-thinking brands are pivoting to connected packaging solutions like our own for communicating their products’ stories and to build trust with those narratives. Sourcemap extends this value by enabling reliable and authentic supply chain claims to be easily accessible. The deep integrations across our solutions will rapidly increase the time to value for projects focused on product transparency and consumer trust.” 



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