Poly SAVI 8200 Review: Impressive Mobility for Pro Users

Anwesha Roy

SAVI 8200 series initially launched as answer to open office environment challenges

Poly SAVI 8200 Review: Impressive Mobility for Pro Users

About the Company

In the world of audio software and peripherals, Poly (erstwhile Plantronics and Polycom) needs no introduction. They have been suppliers of choice to leading enterprises since the 1960s and now count 90% of the Fortune 500 companies among their customer roster. Poly’s offerings address a wide range of telephony and audio use cases, and today we review its purpose-built lineup for working in open-layout, noisy spaces – the SAVI 8200 series.

The SAVI 8200 series was initially launched by Plantronics a few years back, as a viable answer to the challenges of an open office environment. At that time, we noted that its 590-feet/~180-metres connectivity range was a true milestone in headset technology. How does the SAVI 8200 series stack up in 2021 in a crowded market landscape? More importantly, is it still worth considering as a relevant product when most of us are working from home and definitely not a crowded, open-layout office?

Read on to find out.

Inside the SAVI 8200 Series

The SAVI 8200 series skirts the premium tier of headphones, which is expected given the incredible freedom of mobility it provides without compromising on the audio experience for you or for your callers. This is enabled via the following features.

Close conversation-limiting – We have come to expect active noise cancellation (ANC) in this segment, but Poly goes one step further by providing a feature called close conversation-limiting. This allows its mic array to pick up only the speaker’s voice while cancelling out nearby noise and conversations.

Battery and mobility – Here, the SAVI 8200 series is in a league of its own. It has a removable battery which means you could use the device for an unlimited period by simply swapping out the battery repeatedly. But you aren’t likely to need this feature, as the headset’s offer 7-13 hours of talk time depending on the model you choose. As mentioned, you can connect with devices up to 180 metres away.

Hearing protection – The SAVI 8200 series has the Poly SoundGuard DIGITAL technology that we all know and love, detecting sudden sound flux as well as preventing average daily noise exposure beyond 85dBA. This is excellent news for those looking at a 9-to-5 headset, and importantly, it is among the rare DECT headset to come with ANC (Savi 8200 UC).

Why the Poly SAVI 8200 Series Makes a Difference

The Series – with a number of options including Savi 8200 UC, Savi 8200 Office, SAVI 8240 and 8245 – covers all your essentials like long battery life, voice and manual call controls, ANC, hearing protection, and DECT/Bluetooth versions. On top of this, you get tons of value-adding features including close conversation-limiting, wireless range up to 180 metres and even 3-in-1 convertible wearing options.

What We Think

Starting at £220.95, there’s no denying that the SAVI 8200 series is priced towards the premium end. But given its power-packed capabilities and the fact that you might be able to pick up the headset at a discounted price since it’s a relatively older variant, it still presents an excellent value proposition. In a WFH environment, with unpredictable noise and the need to move about freely, this series is a no brainer.



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