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The Complete Guide to the Landis Contact Center for MS Teams

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Published: July 3, 2024

Rebekah Carter

Today’s consumers demand more. They want more communication channels when reaching out to a contact center, greater personalization, and more streamlined, intuitive experiences. To live up to evolving expectations, companies need to invest in more innovative contact center tools. 

Cloud-based platforms ensure companies have the freedom to deliver engaging omnichannel interactions, adopt new innovations, and empower agents wherever they are. Some solutions, like the Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams, even give companies the opportunity to combine their UCaaS and CCaaS platforms, paving the way for business-wide collaboration. 

Officially certified for the Microsoft Teams platform, the Landis contact center offers a combination of simplicity, flexibility, and reliability, ideal for evolving teams. Here’s your complete guide to the features and functionality of this powerful solution. 

What is the Landis Microsoft Teams Contact Center? 

Landis Technologies is a leader in the communications and technology market, focused on developing solutions specifically for companies invested in the Microsoft portfolio. As a certified Microsoft Gold partner, Landis has a long-lasting history with the Microsoft brand and benefits from a massive global network of over 400 premium Microsoft UC voice partners. 

The Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams aligns all of the productivity-boosting features of the Teams platform, with reliable, intuitive tools for customer experience. It offers users a native experience within the Teams landscape, and was designed with a focus on simplicity, ensuring companies can purchase and implement contact center solutions quickly. 

What’s more, this secure solution, running on the Azure cloud, is extremely flexible. It can integrate with Microsoft Power Apps, and Microsoft Power Automate for Workflow automation, as well as Power BI, and a host of other tools. The Contact Center service is built directly within Teams, using Microsoft APIs via the “Extend” model. 

Paul Martin, Account Executive from Landis Technologies says: “Our long-standing history with Microsoft and commitment to constant innovation has allowed us to develop a feature-rich and intuitive contact center system for Microsoft Teams. Our focus is to provide a platform that is easy to setup and manage, and one that blends in with the rest of the Teams experience.” 

Landis Microsoft Contact Center Features 

Intended to expand on the powerful features of the Teams platform, with innovative contact center solutions, the Landis Microsoft Teams contact center offers a variety of robust tools. Every member of the contact center can benefit from unique features.  

For instance, administrators gain access to a familiar Office 365 admin portal, easy call queue configuration tools, numerous queue routing methods, and granular access control. Managers can access real-time active call status insights, wallboards, and sentiment analysis. They can also leverage valuable insights into abandoned calls, call recordings, and agent timelines. 

Additionally, individual agents benefit from a streamlined contact center with single sign-on functionality, connectivity to CRM tools, and advanced analytics.  

Core features include: 

  • In-depth analytics: View real-time and historical data for everything from sentiment analysis, to call abandonment rate, queue calls per hour, agent performance, and more. 
  • Call recording: Quickly and effectively record calls in the Teams environment, and access valuable insights via a dedicated listening portal. 
  • Agent assistance: Agent status tracking tools, as well as barge-in options for managers, in-call alerts, and call wrap-up tools.  
  • Advanced queuing: Experiment with skills-based routing, live insights into calls in queues, and advanced options (such as callback) for callers in a queue. 
  • Wallboards: Live queue statistics and real-time insights into calls, designed to help agents and managers keep track of their performance. 
  • Integrations: Leverage multiple data webhooks, integrations with Microsoft Power Automate, Power BI, and Power apps, and connections to popular CRM tools 

The Landis contact center also offers comprehensive call history insights, policy creation for call recording, integrations with Microsoft Teams auto-attendant, and cloud storage options. 

Landis Microsoft Teams Contact Center Benefits 

The Landis contact center for Microsoft Teams enhances the performance of customer-facing teams and businesses, with solutions for agents, managers, and administrators alike. Powered by the reliable technology of the Landis teams, and the Azure cloud, this easy-to-use contact center solution combines innovation with simplicity, for customers in over 70 countries. 

The key benefits of the platform include: 

  • Native experience: Using the Extend model, Landis embeds its contact center functions into the Microsoft Teams environment, allowing for easy onboarding and adoption. Companies benefit from convenient single sign-on options, and an all-in-one environment for managing calls, customer experiences, and collaborative sessions with colleagues. 
  • Intuitive insights: With the Landis Contact Center, companies can tap into valuable metrics and reports, covering everything from agent performance and status to queue summaries, sentiment analysis, and more. The visual reporting tools make it easy to get a clear view of contact center performance at a glance.  
  • Agent engagement: The Landis contact center improves customer and agent experience at the same time. Agents can view their performance in real-time using intuitive wallboards, and take advantage of valuable integrations with CRM platforms, Microsoft’s automation tools, and extensive business data insights.  
  • Customization: As well as leveraging flexible integrations with Microsoft and third-party tools, companies can also customize their contact center solutions with granular access controls, queue configuration tools, webhooks, and automated workflows. Plus, it’s easy to set up policies for call recording and storage.  
  • Advanced functionality: Landis combines Microsoft Teams’ productivity tools with policy-based call recording, live monitoring tools, sentiment analysis, Microsoft Power Tools, and automation, to help power more efficient and productive teams. Companies can even offer customers call-back options to improve satisfaction levels. 

The Landis Microsoft Teams Contact Center: Verdict 

The Landis Microsoft Teams Contact Center offers companies a valuable way to enhance the potential ROI of their existing Teams solution. With this easy-to-use and intuitive contact center, specially designed for the Teams ecosystem, companies can empower their workers to accomplish more. 

The Landis contact center is brimming with powerful tools for agents, managers, and administrators, all designed to enhance productivity and efficiency in the contact center, and improve customer satisfaction scores. What’s more, the reliable cloud-based service is extremely easy to access, thanks to its streamlined and native integration with Teams. 

“Our clients love the Landis contact center solution for Microsoft Teams for its easy setup and management, advanced features, and clean UI, but it is the Landis support team the allows us to build longstanding relationships with our customers.” says Paul Martin, Account Executive at Landis Technologies.  

For companies looking to embrace the power of a unified UCaaS and CCaaS environment, the Landis certified contact center for Microsoft Teams offers an affordable, powerful, and highly customizable solution.  

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