Salesforce Einstein Review: Intelligent Insights 

Implementing AI into the Salesforce ecosystem 

Salesforce Einstein Review Intelligent Insights 
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Published: December 28, 2021

Rebekah Carter

These days, artificial intelligence is gradually becoming a more mainstream technology. We tap into AI for everything from better customer service, to helping with data analytics. Without the intelligence of machines to help us, sorting through the scores of data we collect each day would be practically impossible.  

The democratisation of AI has prompted a host of companies to introduce their own intelligent solutions to enable modern users. One of the most popular is Salesforce Einstein, a tool specifically designed to help companies innovate and automate with intelligence in the Salesforce ecosystem.  

According to Salesforce, Einstein can help companies to empower everyone in their workforce with immersive intelligence. Through Einstein, you can boost productivity, bring more empathy into customer discussions, and scale customer experiences. Let’s take a closer look. 

Salesforce Einstein Review: Features 

Salesforce Einstein is the dedicated artificial intelligence system built into the Salesforce ecosystem. With this technology, companies can quickly transform a range of business decision-making practices. You can access things like intelligent scoring to help you understand the quality of each lead, and suggestions on how to follow up with a potential sale.  

Einstein collects information from across the customer journey, to help you make better choices based on past interactions. The insights available for your team can help with strengthening client relationships and highlighting which leads your staff needs to prioritise. Used correctly, Einstein can even help drive business growth at an incredible rate. Features include: 

  • Next best actions 
  • Intelligent case classification 
  • Salesforce platform end-to-end integration 
  • Automation for repetitive actions 
  • Smart bot creation for customer service 
  • AI assistants for internal employees 
  • Einstein lead scoring 
  • Einstein opportunity insights 
  • Einstein activity capture 
  • Account insights 

Salesforce offers Einstein as a simple component of the Salesforce ecosystem, or as a comprehensive add-on for the Sales Cloud. Accessing the Sales Cloud add-on offers access to the widest selection of intelligent tools, ranging from account insights to help you make better business deal decisions, to opportunity overviews. Notably, Einstein can also integrate with a wide range of features within the Salesforce environment, to make each part of the ecosystem more intelligent. 

Salesforce Einstein Review: Benefits 

Salesforce Einstein is an excellent example of how companies in the digital world can use artificial intelligence to make human workers more productive. Designed to augment and enhance the modern workforce, Einstein promises companies a range of tools to help employees thrive in any environment. You can even use the technology to support your remote sales team. 

Built into the Salesforce platform, Einstein can simplify the search for information for internal team members, support customers with self-service experiences, or even enable end-to-end workflow automations. Most of the features of Einstein are intended to either improve customer experience or employee user experience on a massive scale. Some of the biggest benefits include: 

  • Empower your employees: Einstein helps employees to get more done in shorter spaces of time with features like next best action suggestions and intelligent case classification. As a comprehensive part of the Salesforce platform, the Einstein system can also offer automations, so you can take some of the additional busywork of your team’s plate, and deliver faster, more personalised customer experiences in the process  
  • Intelligent customer data: With Salesforce Einstein, companies can dive deep into the information they have about their target customers and use that data to close sales. The Opportunity Insights service from Einstein gives users an instant overview of things like customer sentiment, competitor involvement, and prospect engagement too. This means you can more confidently decide where to focus employee attention 
  • Score leads faster: Scoring leads quickly is often the key to leveraging as many opportunities as possible in the sales space. Einstein for Salesforce uses your CRM data and historical analytics to help score your leads for you. Based on your previous deals, Einstein will automatically show you which leads are most likely to convert, so you don’t waste any time on the wrong prospects
  • Boost team efficiency: Salesforce Einstein ensures your team has as much time as possible to focus on selling, by connecting your calendar and email to the Salesforce landscape. All the relevant emails and meetings information will attach automatically to the correct Salesforce record, eliminating the need for manual data entry
  • Immersive Account Insights: With Einstein Account Insights, Salesforce users can see crucial business developments influencing your accounts, including M&A changes or company expansion updates. With all the information you need to make the right business decisions in one place, you can avoid missing out on opportunities

Who Needs Salesforce Einstein? 

As a tool specifically designed for the Salesforce ecosystem, Salesforce Einstein is perfect for companies with an existing investment in the world’s most popular CRM. The technology will ensure you’re prepared to take full advantage of every lead opportunity, with extensive intelligence.  

Whether you want to improve the performance of your teams with automation and contextual information access, or you want help tracking which of your leads are most likely to convert, Salesforce Einstein has you covered. This intelligent solution can easily integrate into your entire Salesforce ecosystem, making every decision you make smarter. 

Salesforce Einstein Review: Verdict 

It’s hard to find an area of customer experience that can’t be improved by access to the right access to data. Einstein helps to save your team the time of sorting through piles of historical information to determine what the next step should be in closing a deal. With Einstein, you can immediately start optimising conversions and delivering more contextual experiences to your target audience.  

Einstein simultaneously optimises your team, by giving them access to the information they need to connect with customers on a deeper level and ensures business leaders can make better decisions. If you’re looking for a way to make your sales strategies more intelligent, it only makes sense to start your search with the AI of the world’s leading CRM tool.  



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