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The quest for 360-degree small business management ends here

Thryv Review
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Published: September 28, 2021

Anwesha Roy - UC Today

Anwesha Roy

About the Company  

Thryv has been around in one form or another for 130+ years, they’re a software solutions company that caters to small and mid-sized businesses dedicatedly. In its over three decades of existence, Thryv has graduated from standalone software solutions and advisory services to an end-to0end customer experience platform that helps you market, sell, and optimise service and simplify small business operations. The company caters to over 40,000 local businesses in the US and is publicly traded on NASDAQ.  

In 2021, Thryv has been enjoying an excellent run of growth with a 40% gain in share prices. This is following the company’s CEO and President Joe Walsh buying 200,000 shares in the company, confident in the growth of Thryv over the upcoming quarters.  

So, how does Thryv streamline business and CX management for SMBs? Does it make sense to opt for a 360-degree solution instead of best-of-breed CRM, marketing automation, payment tools, etc.? Let us review the features in more detail.  

Inside Thryv  

Thryv’s capabilities cover almost the entire ambit of your business operations. You can build your online presence, you can store and share documents, you can automate communications, you can create staffing calendars, and you can even accept payments using Thryv. Here is a breakdown of these capabilities.  

Customer relationship management (CRM)  

Thryv includes a built-in secure CRM to consolidate all your customer information, generate insights, and interact with your buyers. It can also enrich data records using public social media.  

Payments and ThryvPay 

The payments capability is meant for smaller payments, integrating with Google Pay, PayPal, Stripe, and other major providers. You can share auto-updated estimates, ask for payments in advance, and even set up an instalment plan using the ThryvPay service. ThryvPay is meant for larger payments and caps processing fees at $9 per transaction.  

Communicating with customers  

Thryv consolidates omnichannel communications from text, web, and email. You can set reminders for follow-ups and even enable read receipts for complete transparency.  

Staffing schedules and appointments  

Thryv’s calendar lets you create schedules for the workforce and decide when they should be attending to customers and clients. This synchronises with the customer appointment portal, which can be monetised by setting up recurring appointments for things like online classes and events.  

Online reputation management  

Thryv instantly scans Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews to generate a reputation score. You can ask for reviews using pre-built templates and conduct drill-down analysis against the competition.  

Automated marketing activities  

Thryv supports automated campaigns based on your business rules and pre-built templates. There’s also a ready library of marketing messages for when you are out of copywriting ideas.  

Online presence and Google My Business management 

Thryv connects with 60+ online listing websites to share your verified company information with the widest possible audience. Visitors from these websites will be directed to a customer portal – Thryv even offers professional web design and video content services for greater visibility. For Google My Business specifically, Thryv is a premium Google partner, which means you don’t have to further invest in the verification process.  

Documents management  

Thryv’s documents management and sharing module come with role-based access, track changes, version control, and private viewing, compliant with standards like HIPAA.  

Social media automation  

Thryv has social media automation natively built-in, so you can schedule and post across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn from a single interface. We liked that it has a library of over half a million social media posts to inspire you.  

Why Thryv Makes a Difference   

Thryv is an end-to-end business growth enabler if there was one. From a single login and a single dashboard, you can manage your entire breadth of operations, or monitor/help those in charge. And this applies to distributed or multi-location businesses as well, thanks to Hub by Thryv. Franchisee organisations can deploy a dedicated Thryv instance at every location, with centralised oversight from the HQ. performance comparison across locations is also available, along with unlimited data storage.  

What We Think  

Thryv has successfully put together a compelling set of capabilities that would be relevant for any small or mid-sized business – which is why it was named a G2 Leader in 14 categories in 2021. With Thryv, you can significantly simplify your vendor landscape and eliminate the usual procurement hassles or software license clutter, characteristic of mixed ecosystems. The Hub solutions for franchise businesses is particularly useful as it lets you quickly scale and standardise your branding throughout all your locations.  

Expectedly, Thryv follows a custom pricing model in three tiers – 3 users, 8 users, and unlimited users, along with several popular add-ons.  




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