The Most Innovative Conversational Analytics Vendors to Watch in 2022

Rebekah Carter

Leaders in CX conversational analytics

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The Most Innovative Conversational Analytics Vendors to Watch in 2022

Analysis tools are a crucial requirement for every contact centre in today’s fast-paced, and evolving CX landscape. The only way to stay ahead of rising customer expectations, manage complex customer journeys, and drive meaningful results, is with the right insights.

Conversational Analytics, a sub-set of the AI landscape, is one of the most powerful tools in the AI ecosystem for today’s CX leaders. Offering a convenient way for business leaders to dive into the nuances of each customer conversation, these tools ensure companies can understand the intent, sentiment, and journeys of their audience.

With the right Conversational Analytics technology, companies can effectively personalise customer service, access new opportunities in self-service, and outshine competition. Here are just some of the top CX vendors specializing in conversational analytics today.


Offering a host of tools to help companies unlock the next generation of speech analytics, LevelUp is a market leader in the conversational analytics landscape. With this company, businesses can build their own custom web and mobile apps, infused with AI solutions for tracking customer sentiment, facilitating self-service and aligning customer journeys.

The LevelUp ecosystem makes it quick and simple to create state-of-the-art conversational platforms, with specialist services provided by AI experts. The team can help companies to build an incredible customer experience with prototyping for new apps and services. It’s also possible to use LevelUp’s technology to build more effective customer service roadmaps.


Long considered a market leader in the communications ecosystem, 8×8 offers a multitude of modular, intelligent tools to businesses. The organisation recently introduced the new “Conversation IQ” solution, to enhance both employee and customer experience with conversational AI. The quick and easy-to-use speech analytics service comes with ready-to-use reporting, and tools for tracking script adherence among contact centre employees.

8×8’s technology allows business leaders to immediately and automatically transcribe customer/employee interactions, providing valuable information on trends and client expectations. The capture and search functions make it easy to track valuable data, and there are solutions for transforming insights into visual reports.


NICE is rapidly emerging as one of the top market leaders in conversational AI for the contact centre. The company offers a range of digital self-service solutions for the modern business, including custom chatbots for any industry. Via the CXOne ecosystem, NICE customers can automate various voice and chat interactions with custom-built integrations, or bring their own bot into the platform.

CXOne “ContactEngine” also supports companies in leveraging the potential of conversational AI for proactive service. The solution can essentially pre-empt customer service needs at a glance, offering insights into intent and sentiment, and helping businesses to automate more of the customer journey. Plus, there are end-to-end analytics available throughout the whole CXOne environment to integrate with your conversational insights strategy.


One of the world’s most popular CRM companies, Salesforce has a host of AI-empowered tools ready to support business leaders. The company is responsible for the ground-breaking Einstein AI platform, which allows companies to gain powerful insights into their sales and marketing strategies. With Einstein AI and Salesforce, companies can build automated workflows designed to give agents instant recommendations on how to deal with complex customers.

Brands can use Salesforce for proactive insights, so it’s easier to pre-empt a customer needs long before they contact your company. Businesses can build their own virtual assistants for agents, with a combination of proprietary and third-party data, or simply design an effective chatbot. Salesforce even offers a wide range of courses to help companies understand how to use their AI systems.


Comviva is a customer-centric company committed to making amazing CX more accessible to every business. One of the leading products offered by the organisation is the “Ngage” omnichannel platform, built to manage all of the digital communication and marketing endpoints used by businesses in the modern world.

The solution combines the power of various social media channels, ecommerce store information, SMS messaging, email marketing, and more to unlock new levels of customer interaction. The scalable platform is infused with conversational AI, to ensure companies can build immersive chatbot experiences for customers all throughout the marketing and communication space.


Committed to smarter CX experiences for every industry, Talkdesk is one of the most innovative contact centre vendors on the market. The Talkdesk ecosystem includes a comprehensive range of features for artificial intelligence. With Talkdesk’s CX Cloud, business leaders can create their own conversational chatbots, capable of improving self-service, mitigating fraud, and empowering agents.

Brands can use the Talkdesk virtual agent to allow simple two-way interactions without having to build a bot from scratch, or create a fully-customisable AI-powered knowledgebase. With Talkdesk Interaction analytics, it’s also simple to quickly identify important moments in customer conversations, track friction points, and uncover customer intent. Talkdesk even has solutions available for automating business processes with AI.


Another market-leader in the contact centre space investing in the power of AI is Five9. This company has a huge AI platform, perfect for companies looking to bring more intelligence into their customer service strategy. The main components of Five9’s conversational AI strategy are their Intelligent Virtual Agent, and “Agent Assist”.

The Intelligent Virtual Agent automates common customer requests and queries with a powerful self-service landscape. Companies can build workflows to determine which tasks should be managed by the assistant, and which might need to be transferred to a human employee. Alternatively, the Agent Assist conversational bot takes some of the strain off human agents, by supporting them with everything from summary creation to real-time guidance in a call.


One of the most powerful providers of CPaaS solutions and APIs for modern business leaders, Twilio has transformed the way companies add new features to their ecosystem. With Twilio’s easy-to-use tools, companies can embed the functionality they need for better customer conversations into their existing ecosystems. There are a range of options available for AI investments, including the phenomenal “Twilio Autopilot”.

Currently available in beta, Twilio Autopilot gives companies an all-in-one conversational AI platform where they can build intelligent bots and IVR systems. The solution supports sophisticated workflows, with a phenomenal Natural Language Understanding engine capable of analysing user intent. The omnichannel solution also works across multiple channels, from SMS and Voice, to FB messenger and WhatsApp.

Capturing Customer Conversations

Finally, conversational analytics relies heavily on data, and the ability to capture and analyse the conversations held with customers. This sensitive information is subject to a huge number of industry and government regulations, which businesses need to be aware of. Most vendors offering conversational analytics tools will be able to provide help with compliance.

Many solutions allow companies to choose exactly which information they capture from their customers, as well as what kind of data they need to keep out of their records. There are also solutions which can allow businesses to control the sovereignty of their data, by determining where records are stored, and how long they’re preserved.

Checking on the security and privacy standards implemented by any AI vendor is a good way to ensure a new initiative doesn’t lead to compliance problems.


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