Verint Speech Analytics Review: Find At-Risk Customers  

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Exploring Verint speech analytics 

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Verint Speech Analytics Review: Find At-Risk Customers  

Few things tell you more about your customers than listening to the conversations you have with them. Every day, companies around the world collect endless streams of data from important calls and discussions with clients. Speech analytics are how business leaders convert that information into meaningful insights and valuable actions.  

Verint speech analytics is an intelligent call analytics software designed to enhance the ROI of your contact centre. By unlocking the valuable insights in your conversations, Verint Speech Analytics helps businesses to understand how they can delight and impress their target audience.  

Here’s what you need to know about Verint Speech Analytics.

Verint Speech Analytics Review: Features

Verint Speech Analytics automatically gathers information from customer calls, to help businesses learn more about the reasons behind customer churn, satisfaction, and more. Call recordings in any business environment can provide a goldmine of lucrative insights for business leaders, but the sheer volume of data we collect in phone calls makes it almost impossible to assess every discussion.  

The Verint speech analytics software embeds into your contact centre environment to automatically collect information from call recordings and improve CX. Verint speech analytics can: 

  • Automatically record crucial conversations 
  • Transcribe and analyse up to 100% of business calls 
  • Automatically discover and analyse words and phrases 
  • Categorise calls to help drive better decision making                                                              
  • Surface valuable intelligence for business decision making 
  • Highlight themes during calls to showcase upcoming trends 
  • Support improved coaching and training opportunities 
  • Examine the relative performance of agents in calls 
  • Reduce churn by discovering root causes behind issues 
  • Find at-risk customers  
  • Provide visual maps of every call 
  • Automate KPI calculations 
  • Conduct sentiment analysis on every interaction 

Powered by technology like Verint Da Vinci AI, the extensive speech analytics solution from Verint allows companies to better understand their target audience. With Verint, it’s possible to accurately process voice with complete speaker-separated transcriptions for up to 100% of your interactions, complete with insights into AI-driven conversational themes, emerging trends, and sentiment.  

Verint Speech Analytics Review: Benefits 

The value of being able to understand exactly what your customers are saying when they interact with agents over the phone is insurmountable. Even if your contact centre employees are excellent listeners, it’s easy to miss the sentiment or tone in a conversation that could highlight a customer being ready to churn, or open to up-selling.  

Verint’s speech analytics solution aims to help improve comprehension in the contact centre and CX environment, so companies can deliver the kind of personalised, meaningful experiences customers are looking for. Some of the major benefits include: 

  • Automated simplicity: Verint speech analytics reduces the need for manually analysing calls, by automatically transcribing and evaluating up to 100% of your conversations. The system can automatically discover and analyse trends, phrases, and words, to highlight areas of concern or opportunity. This immediately enhances contact-centre performance, without placing additional pressure on employees
  • Improved productivity: When employees can see exactly what it takes to achieve a successful interaction with a customer, it’s much easier to work efficiently. Verint’s insights can help businesses to reduce agent handling time, give employees insights into context during calls and more. You can even use your call recordings and analytics as a tool for better training and mentoring opportunities
  • Intuitive intelligence: Powered by the Verint Da Vinci AI and analytics environment, Verint delivers incredible comprehension accuracy for all of your conversations. You can access push-button root cause analysis, create visual maps of each call, automatically calculate KPIs, and even deep-dive into sentiment. Access to better intelligence during each conversation leads to smarter conversations for your staff 
  • Improved call quality: Verint’s speech analytics service doesn’t just give insights into customers satisfaction, it can also highlight business issues by reviewing large samples of conversations and specific call types. You can combine root-cause analysis and at-risk customer prediction with insights into call quality to optimise business interactions
  • Scalable innovation: The Verint Analytics marketplace is also available to give companies access to additional insights when they need it most. Verint speech analytics customers have complimentary access to the marketplace, which showcases new reports, categories, and various other features. You’ll also get access to a full knowledge base of best—practice guidance, tips and tricks

Verint speech analytics is also available as part of the Verint Unified Voice of the Customer service. The Verint VoC solution combines text and speech analytics with survey data to enhance your view of your target client. The all-in-one environments help companies to analyse conversations in the contact centre, text-based feedback, and operational data in the same space. 

Who Needs Verint Speech Analytics? 

Speech analytics can be a valuable investment for virtually any kind of company. The more information you have about your target customer, their purchasing journey, and their interactions with your brand, the easier it is to delight your audience.  

Call recording and analytics tools are often particularly important in industries with high regulatory compliance standards. Verint serves these environments with specific solutions designed for verticals like finance. The Financial compliance transcription and phonetic search solution transcribes and analyses up to 100% of calls, surfacing those with specific phrases or words.  

Verint Speech Analytics Review: Verdict 

Verint’s state-of-the-art speech analytics solution, either offered as a standalone solution or as part of the VoC offering from Verint, provides companies with the information they need to make important decisions about the future of their company. As customer experience continues to stand out as the number one differentiator for all businesses, tools like speech analytics could be the key to getting ahead of the competition.  

Verint’s intelligent speech analytics service is a scalable and easy-to-use solution for businesses in search of a better understanding of their target audience.  



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