HORISEN is a CPaaS Enabler with a vision to simplify the everyday life of business professionals. It is an ideal one-stop shop for anyone who wants to enter the messaging business.

We are an award-winning product house for retail and wholesale messaging technology. Our 20 years’ experience-driven landscape embraces the potential of the message and is made to make you thrive in this business.

Our expertise and passion for technology made us the only provider who can offer all applications in the messaging value chain. Starting from SMS trading solutions for wholesale and retail, SS7 professional products to omnichannel tools for sending messaging campaigns with rich content and multiple channels.

Proof of our technology are satisfied customers such as Deutsche Telekom, iBasis, Orange Polska, Telia and many, many more.


  • SMS Platform – extremely scalable turnkey SMS trading solution for managing wholesale and retail messaging business easily, from one place.
  • Business Messenger – an all-in-one platform for campaign management and 2-way communication via multiple channels like SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp Viber, etc.
  • SS7 Platform - professional SS7 Product enabling customers to have access to international SS7 signalling carriers, MNOs, MVNOs, and to send SMS traffic or make HLR queries worldwide.
  • MNP Lookup Service - real-time identification of hosting mobile networks with a single API.


  • Americas
  • APAC
  • EMEA

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