Adobe to Acquire ContentCal and Enhance its VoC Capabilities

Adobe will access a new social listening functionality with its latest acquisition

Adobe to Acquire ContentCal and Enhance its VoC Capabilities
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Published: December 13, 2021

Charlie Mitchell

Adobe has agreed to acquire ContentCal, the social media and content planning tool.

While the tool is primarily for marketers, the move adds momentum to the expansion of Adobe into the CX space. After all, the solution provides a powerful Voice of the Customer (VoC) capability.

Equipped with social listening functionality, ContentCal scans multiple social platforms, sifting mentions and messages relating to the company into a single inbox. There, CX teams can assess the VoC, filter feedback, and uncover emerging trends.

Additional integrations with a CRM may also enable companies to capture the social profile of various customers and track their experience across different channels. Such a strategy allows Adobe to support clients in enhancing their digital transformation programmes.

An approach of this ilk is integral to the future of CX. As Forrester recently reported: “Customers are connecting with brands through digital touchpoints in new ways and at a higher volume.” By monitoring how customers move across these touchpoints, businesses may harness more data and better assess customer actions.

Adobe may soon make this possibility a reality, having CRM and other contact centre technology providers within its partner programme. The recent addition of Braze, the customer engagement platform, is an excellent example.

However, ContentCal has many other features, which Adobe will likely take full advantage of and evolve further. Combining these with its existing, extensive range of creative tools, Adobe will focus on creating excellent digital experiences across any channel.

Andy Lambert, director at ContentCal, shares this aim. He says:

The vision for the combination of ContentCal and Adobe is to create a seamless process for the creation, distribution and measurement of social content for social platforms.

In striving to develop digital and social experiences, Adobe will support companies in keeping up with commanding stalwarts and nifty start-ups within their industries. In doing so, businesses can make social media their core marketing channel, enhance customer acquisition strategies, and reach new audiences.

The acquisition of ContentCal will allow Adobe clients to deliver on these goals through social media drag and drop automation tools. Across multiple channels, companies can integrate everything they need to plan, schedule, and publish social media content.

As Adobe say themselves, via their LinkedIn page: “Together we will provide customers with a seamless process for creating, planning, and publishing content on social platforms.”

However, it is business as usual for ContentCall’s clients for now. Although, the future of their social, digital-first strategies appears bright.

Indeed, as the Adobe website states, the transaction is likely to close in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2022.




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