Panion Debuts B2B Community Management Platform

Panion’s offering helps companies organise communication with their communities

Panion Debuts B2B Community Management Platform
Voice of the Customer

Published: June 10, 2021

William Smith

Malmö, Sweden-based Panion has announced the transition of its community management platform and app into the B2B space.

The platform was originally an app designed to help individuals find friends and integrate into new cities, but now offers enterprise community managers ways of improving their connections with online communities.

“Community building is on the rise and community managers have for too long been juggling multiple tools in order to be able to manage the variety of different aspects of their communities,” said Melanie Aronson, founder and CEO.

Driving Community Engagement

The company framed its offering as an alternative to traditional online groups facilitated by the likes of Facebook and Slack, which it said lack community engagement features. Panion’s matchmaking, geo-localisation and keyword-tagging technologies allows it to provide event management, peer-to-peer communication and communal discussions.

The platform also plans to incorporate mentorship and matchmaking programmes, paid events and knowledge-based content, with both a mobile and a web-based interface.

“We all recognise that online groups are useful, but most of the time we use these groups for gathering knowledge or discussing a specific topic,” said Aronson. “We are offering large associations and professional networks the ability to build thriving customised global communities that facilitate meaningful connection in which their members can feel a deeper sense of belonging and involvement in the community and the organisation itself.”

Since the startup’s 2018 foundation, it has raised $626,000 in angel investment, including from former CEO of JUST EAT Klaus Nyengarrd.

Klaus Nyengaard, Co-founder & CEO of LetsBuild said: “To create a community platform that solves the flaws of the current dominant platforms like Facebook is a really hard task. If someone can do it, then it is Melanie, with her unique background that enables her to mix both creative and analytical approaches – and driven by her passion to do good in this world.”

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