Sprinklr Enters the Customer Feedback Management Space 

Sprinklr Surveys offers an AI-first CFM approach, combining solicited and unsolicited feedback

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Sprinklr Enters the Customer Feedback Management Space - CX Today News
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Published: May 22, 2024

Linoy Doron

The recent launch of Sprinklr Surveys, an AI-first survey offering, marks Sprinklr’s official entry into the Customer Feedback Management (CFM) market. Seamlessly integrating solicited and unsolicited customer feedback, the new offering is built on the company’s Unified-CXM platform and designed to help customers derive complete, actionable insights. 

So, what’s so special about Sprinklr Surveys, and what key challenges does it help modern enterprises tackle? In a recent talk with Aurélien Caye, Lead Solution Specialist at Sprinklr, he walked us through the details. 

CFM Challenges Faced by Modern Enterprises

Sprinklr Surveys was born out of careful examination of the current challenges faced by today’s customer experience teams. Here are the main ones: 

Traditional Surveys Are Not Enough – In today’s incredibly fast-paced industry, traditional surveys cannot cater to companies’ CFM needs without additional resources. 

“Securing quality responses from participants and using them to generate meaningful responses is becoming increasingly challenging,” Caye notes. “This calls for a modern, AI-first approach.”   

Small Datasets, Limited Insights – Surveys are often conducted on small datasets, which is quite limiting and often doesn’t reflect an accurate view of reality.

“Business insight teams need to be able to validate insights against larger, unsolicited datasets, but that’s still not enough,” Caye says. “It’s also important to be able to analyze solicited and unsolicited data in the same platform since siloed solutions limit comprehensive business understanding.”   

The Feedback Loop Challenge – To close the feedback loop created from surveys, businesses need to use multiple separate systems, which often leads to delays in issue resolution and results in a broken customer experience.  

“In order to drive better business outcomes, companies need a unified approach,” Caye says. 

So, how does Sprinklr Survey help companies tackle these challenges? Let’s look. 

Sprinklr Surveys: Holistic, Seamless, AI-Powered CFM

Years of experience in managing unstructured data from publicly available sources like social media, blogs, forums, and reviews have helped Sprinklr build their AI capabilities. Now, these capabilities are finally being combined with structured feedback from more traditional sources like surveys and point-of-sale data, together comprising Sprinklr Surveys. 

“The essence of Sprinklr Surveys is delivering a truly holistic CFM view, and what’s different about our approach is the way we leverage AI to provide it,” Caye explains. 

Sprinklr uses AI to help survey builders create better surveys and do it more efficiently, guiding them through the process, recommending best practices, and allowing them to focus on fine-tuning rather than starting from scratch.  

“Once the surveys are created, we use our omnichannel capabilities to distribute them, not only through digital channels but also through traditional methods like point-of-sale and kiosks,” Caye adds.  

After collecting feedback, Sprinklr aggregates all the data – solicited and unsolicited – and uses AI to go beyond keyword analysis. 

Our AI uses phrase-level machine learning to detect deeper insights and patterns within responses,” Caye says.

This allows Sprinklr to identify clusters of feedback on specific topics and generate suggestions to relevant teams regarding the actions they should take to improve customer satisfaction and processes. 

“This saves time and reduces the burden on analysts, who would otherwise have to sift through vast amounts of data manually.” 

What Else is Sprinklr Up to These Days?

Another recently announced development by Sprinklr is the Sprinklr Digital Twin. This conversational AI offering allows businesses to build an AI “twin” for different departments in the organization, with each twin helping to automate customer conversations. Additionally, there’s a possibility of leveraging the platform to create a copilot for employees. Read more about it here

How Do You Get Sprinklr Surveys?

Sprinklr Surveys is currently in limited availability. For more information or to set up a demo, visit the Sprinklr website here.

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