Talkwalker Acquires Review Platform Reviewbox

Sandra Radlovački

This acquisition will enable Talkwalker to rapidly expand its product review capability

Talkwalker Acquires Review Platform Reviewbox

Talkwalker, a leading consumer intelligence company, announced that it has acquired all-in-one review management platform, Reviewbox.

This acquisition will enable Talkwalker to rapidly expand its product review capability and integrate Reviewbox’s e-commerce data, including product reviews, product catalogs, and pricing, into its consumer intelligence platform, providing additional customer insights for its clients. This will complement Talkwalker’s extensive social, consumer, and customer data gathering & analytics capabilities.

Tod Nielsen, Talkwalker’s recently announced new global CEO, said: “This announcement confirms our commitment to remaining the number one consumer intelligence platform. Reviews give you an understanding of just what your customers think of your products, whether that’s good or bad. This integration gives you a real-time view of this data, enabling you to react, and also helping you shape your products for the future. This continues the growth of our customer intelligence capabilities, to offer brands further insights into all aspects of the customer buying journey. Enabling them to make faster, more intelligent business decisions.”

Reviewbox already enables brands such as Delta, Avery, Whirlpool, and Netgear to monitor, analyse, and respond to product reviews within the platform. This capability will be added to Talkwalker along with additional product data gathered from sites like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

Reviewbox CEO James Horey, said:

“Talkwalker and Reviewbox are a perfect fit. Over the past 5 years, Reviewbox’s unified analytics platform has supplied customers with top of the line industry review data, providing an essential part of the customer intelligence puzzle. Our integration into Talkwalker completes this puzzle, enabling our clients to turn insights into real-time actions.”



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