78% of Firms Now Measuring EX  

Carly Read
Senior Reporter

Report highlights need for WFO tools  

78% of Firms Now Measuring EX  

Metrigy has published a global study that looked at how more than 520 organisations are evolving their customer experience initiatives.  

The study found that more than 78% of participating companies are currently measuring or planning to measure employee satisfaction as part of their WFO strategy. 

While this study primarily focused on activities inside the contact centre around customer engagement, its findings highlight how employee satisfaction and employee experience (EX) is now at the forefront of business leaders’ minds.  

It also underscores the need, especially given pandemic-driven changes in work, for organizations to invest in tools to measure workplace engagement. 

Companies have begun to re-start their revamp their work strategies in the wake of the July 19 ‘freedom day’ in the UK, and as other nations open up and begin to live with the threat of COVID-19.  

Metrigy CEO Robin Gereiss, said: “The pandemic has served as a catalyst for evaluating employee experience, particularly among those working in customer experience. As employees began working from home, IT and business leaders became more convinced that collaboration technology was not only ‘good enough’, but actually ‘really good’ for working and managing remotely.

“In fact, 56.3% of research participants said the WFS experience during Covid improved management’s perspective on the viability of remote working. So, they started gathering data on employee perspectives on the workplace itself–and it expanded from there.

“On the CX side, when companies want to improve employee (ie, agents and supervisors) satisfaction, the top CX changes they can make are to add self-service knowledge bases, use customer chatbots, implement general AI integration, add employee surveys, and add gamification and rewards.
“Companies also are increasingly developing Voice of the Customer programs. These focus on the customer-facing side, but companies use this data as a feedback loop into some of the WFO applications–ultimately improving agent experience.”

The path to a good CX starts with considering the needs of agents and other employees.   

The question for today’s companies isn’t whether they should be focusing more on EX or CX in 2021, but how to use both of these elements together – to make organisations not only stand out, but thrive. 

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