Cisco Says Staff Can WFH Permanently   

Carly Read
Senior Reporter

Staff will be labelled as hybrid workers under new policy

Cisco Channel News
Cisco Says Staff Can WFH Permanently   

Cisco has told its 75,000 staff they can stay working remotely.  

Under the company’s ‘no return to office’ policy, the company has said it will not set any benchmark for the number of days per week employees need to spend in their offices. 

As an alternative, staff will be labelled as hybrid workers, with the company’s leadership, encouraging managers to grant workers flexibility in whether they work remotely or in the office. 

Previously, 95% of Cisco’s office space was allocated to individual offices.  

However, the company now plans to reconfigure its campuses to prioritise group work and team collaboration events.  

Cisco’s announcement follows an announcement from Apple that they have pushed back on calling its staff back into their offices until October.   

The company is now allowing its workers to continue remote working for an extra month as the COVID-19 Delta virus wreaks havoc across the US.   

ICEO Tim Cook requests staff return to the office for three days a week starting from September but following news infection rates have spiked this plan has been put back an additional month.   

Apple is now the first major tech company to hold off hybrid working plans according to Bloomberg.  

It comes as Twitter workers have been allowed to work remotely on a permanent basis, despite two-thirds of staff in the New York office stating they would rather return to the office a few days per week.   

Salesforce, meanwhile, will increase office capacity from 20% to 75 over time.  

Microsoft kickstarted a ‘soft open’ that allowed staff to work on-prem from March and Facebook will reopen in the Autumn.   



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