How Can Google’s Contact Centre AI Improve My Service Operation?

Unlock opportunities to improve contact centre performance with Google CCAI

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How Can Google's Contact Centre AI Improve My Service Operation - CX Today News

Last Edited: June 1, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Excellent customer experience is everything in today’s competitive landscape.

Indeed, 53 percent of B2C companies believe CX is the most critical factor in setting them apart from the competition – above product/service quality (37 percent) and price (10 percent).

Yet, what drives an excellent customer experience that differentiates a business? There is lots of research in this area. Some suggest it’s the emotions the customer experiences along their journey. Others believe it relates to the amount of effort a customer exerts.

Either way, businesses must quantify customer sentiment and effort to pinpoint improvement opportunities. This starts with harnessing conversational analytics tools.

Enter Google Contact Centre AI, which provides an insights engine to fuel such analysis. Yet, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

What Is Google Contact Centre AI?

Google’s Contact Centre AI is an end-to-end suite of AI technologies built to enhance customer service operations.

According to Google, the AI portfolio helps companies reduce costs, improve agent efficiency, and drive better satisfaction metrics.

How? First, through agent-assist. This technology delves into various contact centre systems to surface information in real-time for agents as they engage with customers.

Google’s CCAI suite also gives companies the power to supplement their existing human workforce with lifelike virtual assistants enhanced by advanced deep learning technologies.

From every human-to-human and human-to-bot interaction, Google’s AI then collects actionable insights through conversational analytics.

The data this “insights engine” collects may relate to customer sentiment and effort – alongside intent, satisfaction, and loyalty. It all depends on how the business configures the solution.

Although Google has now launched a fully-fledged CCaaS solution – named the CCAI platform – these three elements still sit at its core: agent-assist, virtual agents, and conversational analytics.

Also, they remain available as a separate suite, allowing businesses with other CCaaS providers to leverage these technologies without having Google as their core contact centre vendor.

What Can Companies Do with Google CCAI?

The Google Contact Centre AI suite unlocks the potential of AI for every business investing in excellent customer experiences.

Each of its three core elements combines scalability, efficiency, and innovation to serve companies in every industry.

Home Depot has already deployed its virtual agent in the IVR to improve call containment by 185 percent. Meanwhile, Marks and Spencer harnessed the bot across various contact centre channels to reduce in-store call volumes by 50 per cent.

These examples highlight how the Google virtual assistant can act as a digital concierge across various channels, including voice, messaging, and chat.

In doing so, the technology either solves the issue at the first point of contact, routes the customer to the best-placed agent, or points them to the ideal channel for solving their issue.

Google CCAI partner Sabio has enjoyed significant success in implementing this use case. Indeed, it has helped its clients:

  • Automate up to 40 percent of their interaction volumes with conversational AI.
  • Cut call transfers by combining customer identity with intent to route calls accurately.
  • Help advisors with contextual AI support as they talk to customers.

For the latter, Sabio allows businesses to build escalation paths that carry the context of a customer-bot interaction to a live agent if the virtual agent fails to solve the problem.

In doing so, the agent picks up the conversation from the exact point where it broke down. As a result, the customer does not have to repeat themselves. The escalation is seamless.

Yet, this is only one use case. Agent-assist is another, as highlighted above. This listens in on every customer conversation, pulling helpful information from CRM, knowledge base, and ERP systems, among others.

The third element of the suite, the conversational insights engine, opens up many opportunities for CX innovation. Tracking customer sentiment and isolating what drives particular emotions is an excellent example.

Another is capturing reasons customers cancel their deals and pinpointing the most common. Acting on this information can transform customer retention rates.

There are many other examples, yet one that too often goes under the radar is detecting customer intent. In the video below, Kevin McGachy, Head of AI and Automation Solutions at Sabio, discusses how companies can use Google CCAI’s insight engine to do so, pinpointing all the potential benefits along the way.

As highlighted, the three core technologies within the Google CCAI suite drive significant value. Now, add the CCAI platform into the mix, and businesses can flesh out their transformation projects much further.

The platform includes all the tools necessary to run a contact centre – including various channels, routing, and WFM tools – with a marketplace to help fill more specialist requirements.

Working with Google CCAI Partners

Whether leveraging the Google CCAI suite to infuse the contact centre with AI or harnessing the Google CCAI platform to move the entire service operation to the cloud, dedicated Google partners can support any service transformation project.

Such a partner connects operations leaders with the resources and specialists they need – such as systems integrators and conversational designers – to turn Google’s contact centre technology into high-impact CX strategies.

Yet, the right partner is not only good with tech. They will also understand CX, harnessing people and process expertise that helps deliver the best possible customer, agent, and business outcomes.

Sabio is an excellent example of such a partner, with more than two decades of experience supporting service operations through various transformation initiatives. And, as a trusted Google partner, it is no stranger to CCAI.

Eager to learn more about how Sabio can support your Google CCAI transformation project? If so, visit:



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